Thursday, 26 April 2007

General Update

Well, it's been all go here!! I've had a chat with a lawyer (head of immigration for a large law firm) and unfortunately the Thai work permit rules do apply here for both writers and artists. I asked about the option of getting a UK agent to represent me but was told that a UK agent would need to get in touch with a Thai agent who would then have to sponsor the work permit (The actual work permit only costs 3,000 baht, which is about £40, but the sponsor would need to have 3 million baht in the bank, fill in a silly amount of paperwork and there would still be no guarantee). I spoke with Chris and Wellie, the woman that owns Pandora, and we have decided that we are going to go ahead with the exhibition - the beneficiaries being an Elephant Charity that Wellie wants to support and the BWG Welfare Fund that I want to support. My opening night will be Saturday 8th of September and all I've got to do is produce about 30 pieces of work by then (30 pieces of work!!!.......It didn't seem that much till I wrote it down!! Why did I think this was a good idea???)

My new position with the BWG is going well (Jo - I've still not been asked to make jam so it's all good!!). I met with the Human Resources Manager of Oxfam Bangkok and had a long chat about how the BWG and Oxfam could work together. I expected the meeting to last about half an hour but two hours later we were still chatting away and swapping ideas. He told me that if he had the budget he would hire me on the spot and then asked me if I would be willing to volunteer with them. He would like me to head up and expand their volunteer section as well as help them short list candidates for positions in Cambodia, Laos, Manilla and Myanmar (Burma). I've told him that I have a number of commitments that I must honour before I can take anything else on and that I will think about it. (Actually I told him that I will probably get involved after September). At the moment I need time to get the BWG stuff up and running which will involve a lot of work initially but once it's established some of my time should be freed up so that I can take on the role at Oxfam. (Honestly, I've never been so busy - I was looking at my diary today to see when I would be able to visit the Training Centre for the blind and was horrified to discover that I am completely booked up for the whole of May......we're not even into May yet!!)

What else has been happening - Oh, we've booked to go away for our Wedding Anniversary (I'm soooo excited about it). Not long after we arrived here I won two nights stay at a Hotel in Hua Hin called The Anantara at a raffle so I contacted them and we're going to stay there on Sunday 13th of May and Monday 14th of May. It looks absolutely beautiful (Clink on the link here and you'll see what I mean). It's only about a three hour drive from Bangkok so we are going to hire a car and driver to take us up there on the Sunday morning and come back for us on the Tuesday. I can't wait - It will be our first trip out of Bangkok on our own!!

Poor Chris is still working like a maniac trying to get this project done and dusted so that we can get our flights to the UK booked (Ha.....and you thought you'd escaped!!) - there is still a way to go but he is finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel (which is making us both happy!!). We're still aiming for the end of May beginning of June so watch this space!!!


Anonymous said...

The Christmas Crackers are ready for whenever you arrive. Love Mum

ps The hotel looks fab. Have a great time.

Carol and Chris said...

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!!

I am missing square sausage and the pakora here is just not hitting the spot so be prepared.....

Love xxx

Anonymous said...

I'll phone for a delivery of pakora as soon as I know when you will arrive... Square sausage and rolls for breakfast? luv Katwoman