Sunday, 9 September 2007

I am so glad it's over!!!

I was so nervous yesterday.....I woke up at 4.15am and, after trying to get back to sleep for an hour, I finally gave up and got up. It was kinda cool watching the sun rise over Bangkok but not as cool as it would have been had I actually managed to stay asleep!! Anyway, I spent some time sending e-mails and played with the cats then at about 8.30 decided that I might try and get my head down for another hour or so - I woke up at 11.15 which was lovely apart from the fact that I had left my phone and make-up in Liss's car on Friday and was meeting her at 11.30 to get them back (There was no way I was going to the exhibition with no make-up on!!!). I don't know how but I made it (I think I got there just after 11.30) - Liss asked how I was doing and I replied 'I'm not sure......I was asleep 15 minutes ago and I can't quite believe that I am up and out and here'.

Nothing ever goes according to plan - I was going to dye my hair to cover the grey bits, get it straightened and get my nails done so that I was looking my best but by the time Chris and I had been to Crepes and Co for lunch, I had bought the hair dye and had my nails done it was 4pm (where the hell had the day gone!!) and we had to leave the house at 5!! I came home, ran around like a looney, attempted (and failed) to tame my curls (proving to me once and for all that my hair really does have a mind of it's own), flung some make-up on and then Chris had to shove me out the door.

I really didn't want to go and at one point I had Moon on one side and Chris on the other to make sure that I didn't do a runner. We were the first to arrive which was great as it gave me the chance to set up the easels the way I wanted them and that kept me occupied till people started arriving then it was too late to run away!!!

I think it went well despite the fact that a fuse blew half way through the evening (it blew with a huge bang).......Carree's Jewellery was beautiful (I bought one of her necklaces) and I didn't hear anyone say anything unkind about my pictures although it's not likely people will come up to me and tell me they hate them!! I have no idea how many I sold - I know that all the wine charms I taught Moon how to make went (which is great because that money will go into Fa and Dawan's school and university fund), I definately sold three framed prints (Jen told me that I was supposed to be cool, calm and collected when I started doing my happy dance!!) but have no idea whether anything else went or not. A lot of people said that they were going to come back because they couldn't make up their minds which one they wanted to buy, some said they wanted to come back with their husbands and a couple of people said that they were going to browse the pics online and choose from there. We had about 100 people show up (and there was rugby on so we thought that was a really good turn out!!), the wine and nibbles provided by La Villa were great, Chris was brilliant and supportive as usual, Jen's daughter was absolutely fantastic (She listened to me tell someone what my inspiration was and then went round selling things on my behalf!!), my friends Carolyn and Alyson sold raffle tickets, Kay (who wasn't meant to be doing it) held the actual raffle for us which was absolutely brilliant of her because I am not sure what we would have done otherwise and the food in Red's was absolutely fantastic. (Thanks for all the help guys!!).

I think we have raised about 7,000 baht for charity so far which is not bad going!!

10 comments: said...

Hi Carol - I'm so sorry I missed your exhibition! I will definitely check you out online. It sounds like you had a fantastic show so Congrats!

Carol and Chris said...

Pinky - Thanks....I think it went all right and don't worry about missing it :-)

Let me know what you think if you do get a chance to have a look online.

C x

Carol and Chris said...

and I see you managed to fix your blog problems!!

C x

Lane said...

That sounds like one exciting day. Congrats on your sales. Had a look at your website and love the drawings! Looking forward to seeing the paintings:))

Carol and Chris said...

Thanks Lane although I have to be honest and say that you may be waiting a wee while to see paintings!!

C x

Mel said...

Huge congrats on your show and your fabulous website! Really love your work especially Thai Trumpet..gorgeous!

Caroline said...

That's fantastic! Well done you. I so know the desire to run away! I have that everytime I have to do anything in public.

Anonymous said...

I knew the exhibition would be a great success - your drawings are fab! I agree with Mel, I like Thai Trumpet too - come to think of it, I like them all! I especially like the wee washing lines in unusual places. Congratulations to all of you!

Love Mum xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Dance Happy Dance Can't believe you ever thought you'd be nothing but a success. Your Fab and always will be


Carol and Chris said...

Mel - Thank you so much!! (I'm now grinning from ear to ear!!). I really enjoyed drawing Thai Trumpet and when I started looking into it I was actually quite surprised at how similar the Scottish and Thai stuff was. I visited a ceramic museum yesterday and spoke to the curator who has given me permission to take pieces out their cases so I can draw them ( cool is that). She then told me that I was holding a Thai bowl from the 15th century.....put the bowl down and move away from the table!!

Caroline - God it really was awful....and then they made me stand up in front of everyone and talk (aaarrrrgggggg!!!)

Thanks Mum - I have suddenly developed a fondness for washing lines (probably because I don't actually have to do any washing!!)

Tom - thanks sweetie (I knew there was a reason I loved you!!). Can't wait to see you in Jan.

Love to all

C xxx