Monday, 3 December 2007

Take Note, This is the hard sell

for if you are thinking about buying one of my prints (or even an original) for someone as a Christmas Pressy and you don't live in Thailand then you had better get your skates on. It can take up to two weeks to reach you by post and I would hate for someone not to get what they have ordered in time. (They are also a bargain at £30 each)

Please note that all pictures can be customised so feel free to e-mail me at with your requests.

All prints are limited edition so once they have gone that's it......

there, i'm done, it's all over now. thanks for listening.


Lane said...

They are so lovely. I've done much of the xmas shopping for adults. Don't think I could get away with slipping one into the childrens stockings:-)

Will earmark for next years birthdays.

Hope you sell loads. You certainly should:-)

Carol and Chris said...

Thanks Lane. I was having a real dilemma about whether to do a selling post but Chris said that I should really tell people that it can take that long for post from here to get to the UK. My 'worried I might upset people' gene kicked in and over ruled the 'Oh god I hate plugging my drawings on the blog' gene :-)

C x

Jen said...

I'd buy them all if I had any money... one of these days, Carol, one of these days...

Mel said...

ooh that tree print is gorgeous. Of course you should plug your own stuff, it's too good NOT to blow your own horn! Thank goodness I don't celebrate chrissy anymore (no crazy shopping for me!).

Carol and Chris said...

Jen - Awwww thanks sweetie!! (I will hold you to that when your a world famous author you do know that don't you!!) :-))

Mel - Thanks honey. I'm still struggling with the whole plugging myself thing. I can't believe Christmas has come around again so fast....where the hell has this year gone??

C x

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd like to know, I took the picture you drew for me into the Framer's on Saturday, and he couldn't believe you had done it by hand. He thought it was a lithograph. He was extremely impressed!!! And that was from a professional (I didn't even pay him to say it).

Love Mum xx

Carol and Chris said...

Blimey - that's praise indeed!! (doing a wee chuffed wiggle).

(I did have to go onto Wikipedia to find out what a Lithograph was but don't tell anyone!!)

C x