Friday, 11 January 2008

What to do? What to do?

Ok, so yesterday a friend of mine was back in Bangkok for a few days holiday (She now lives in Deli) and we had a proper catch up (Hi Susan). She asked me how all the drawing stuff was coming along and I had to admit that I've not really done much recently and it occurred to me that I've kinda reached a point where I'm not really sure what to do next.

I thought if I list what I achieved last year and what opportunities I've already got then I can mull it over whilst Tom is here and hope that my subconscious makes some kind of decision for me (JJ I'm going to blame you if it doesn't!!)

So here goes

  • Did drawing for Chris's Christmas Present
  • Got two commissions on the back of that
  • Was approached about doing an Art Exhibition
  • Produced 30 pictures and had the exhibition
  • Got a website up and running (not finished yet)
  • Attended three events as a vendor
  • Since September have sold 26 pictures (mixture of prints and originals)
  • Collaborated with SpiralSkies Jen on a illustrated words combo
  • Have produced a logo, Miss Miaow, for SCAD (Soi Cat and Dog) Education Programme
  • Donated three dog drawings to SCAD which have now been made into T-shirts
  • Collaborated with JJ on a logo design for the BWG competition and won
  • Have produced a logo for BWG's Walk This Way fashion show

2008 Opportunities so far
  • JJ has sent me a link for an organisation that buys the rights to designs for three years and then turns them into cards to sell. They only buy colour designs.
  • Two people have approached my about doing a one off piece of work for them but nothing has come of it so far
  • There are opportunities to get on Vendor lists for events
  • A contact of my Dad's from MSL (My Second Life) runs an Art Gallery within MSL and has seen my work. She wants to do an online exhibition when I'm ready

(Just in case you have not heard of it - My Second Life is a 3-D virtual world. It opened to the public in 2003 and it has grown explosively - users can socialize, sell stuff and it is inhabited by millions of Residents from all around the world)

What to do?
  • Well, I guess I need to look at trying to do some colour work - painting? or I might try doing something in ink. A lot of my designs have little washing lines in them which I think would look great in colour with the rest of the design still in black and white. Would that count as a colour design or is that cheating?
  • Should I speak to the two people who have said that they might be interested in commissioning a piece. Maybe ask what sort of thing they are thinking of and when would they need it finished by so that I can build the time into my schedule. Is that being really pushy?
  • Do I really want to get up at the crack of dawn and lug lots of pictures to various hotels across Bangkok? Will people not get bored seeing the same designs? I suppose I could pick and choose the events that I want to go to
  • Before I can do anything on MSL I need to go online and create an Avatar (character) and do some exploring. Hmm.....will I need to produce some new work or can I use the existing stuff?
  • I do need to finish the website - I've not had many sales through it so far......I wonder if that's because there is not a buy now facility? Would it be better to keep the website drawings section fresh by only having, say, 10 at a time and then changing them round to keep it looking new?
  • Should I join some kind of art class?

You know something - I feel a lot lighter now I've got all that out of my head and onto paper (or onto know what I mean!!).

Ok.......subconscious it's over to you.......


JJ said...

Well you know what, Carol, my subconcious really works hard for me. And also sometimes you just know what the answer is but you can't say it out loud yet. That's what I spent 2007 learning to do.

If you decide you do want to continue drawing, I'd say this. Colour frightens you like fiction frightens me: the only, ONLY way to deal with that is do it, do it, do it and just don't show anyone. Join a class if it will make you use colour, do anything that will force you to confront it.

It's just colour, honey, it's just more colour than the two you are using.

I've also got another article for you on cards that I think you will find interesting. No ink in the printer with the scanner, so keep nagging me about it.

Love JJx

Janice said...
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Janice said...
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SpiralSkies said...

I love the washing line idea - it could be really evocative but simple and I can see it selling well.

You really achieved loads last year and I guess you just need to build on that a little bit. A 'buy now' thingummy would probably make loads of difference, yes.

That SpiralSkies bird might write a few more nonsensical things soon too, if you're interested? :)

You're going to have a good year, a fulfilling year. Really!


Janice said...

Sorry about the abandoned posts! 3rd time lucky..

On the website front - I'd advise putting everything you've got up there, always. People might only visit the site once, so there's no point in holding back. If you want to highlight new stuff and show that you're keeping it fresh for return visitors - just have a "latest additions" page.

I think you should definitely have a 'BUY NOW" facility. Paypal's probably the easiest way to do it. You just have to think about how you calculate your post and packing charges.

And - don't forget about Your own shop - in your website - with greetings cards, prints, T-shirts... even mugs and fridge magnets (!) with your designs, could be open and working for you 24/7.

If you want to do either of the above, let me know, I'll help set them up on the site.

But above all, congrats on all the achievements in 2007!

Carol and Chris said...

JJ - All those thoughts have been cluttering up my head for the last couple of months.....I really just needed to get them out to clear a bit of thinking space.

Your absolutely right about the whole colour thing - I don't know where this fear came from but I know that I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and get on with it (and stop whinging about it!!)

Nagging is definately something I can do (Just ask Chris :-D)

Thanks honey!!

SpiralSkies Jen - I think the washing line idea is quite a good one but can't help but feel that it might be cheating slightly!! (I've just been looking through my prints and have got my ink out - I might attack one this afternoon and see what happens)

Your right about the buy online thing - I need to strike whilst the iron is hot. I know what I'm like when visiting websites - if I can't buy there and then I usually leave the site and then promptly forget that I was going to buy something.

Would love to have a go at doing some more illustration stuff - I really enjoyed doing them. I would never have drawn a cow sitting on a toilet in a million years!! Would you have any objection to them going on the website?

Ooohhh I do hope it will be a good year!!

Janice - Thanks :-). I didn't really realise how much I had achieved over the last year till I wrote it's not bad eh!!

I think the 'latest additions' page is a great idea (Why didn't I think of that!!) and your right about showing everything....I need to pull my finger out, scan everything and get it over to you. Perhaps the first thing I need to do once Tom leaves is get the website finished.....

I'm definately going to set something up with - it's such a great idea I think I would be daft not to!!

Thank you so much for the offer of help (Especially when I know how busy you are). What I might do with the website is have a go myself and then send the stuff to you to check it's ok. I just feel that it's not fair to take up lots of your time when you could be working on something else that you would be getting paid for!!

Thanks for the comments guys - love to all
C x

SpiralSkies said...

No objection at all Sweetie X

Mel said...

I'm so impressed with all you've accomplished this past year! Be proud of yourself C, it's wonderful! Jumping in and confronting your fears is the only way to've got absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain..pick up that colour (and do a class just for inspiration).xx

thaistory said...

Well done and all the best in 2008!

Lane said...

You sound better for just writing it down and look what you achieved in 2007!

I would definately update your website with a Buy It Now and Paypal. People may have seen your work previously or through friends and need an instant way to buy from you.

Re. colour - why not start with just a tint of a couple of colours to ease yourself in. You may find something clicks and you'll be daubing colour in no time. I have the opposite problem and want to use them all. No restraint me:-(

I don't know anything about MSL or cafepress but am going to investigate. Sounds fascinating.

Hope your subconcious is working overtime and you've managed to sort out the best way forward.

All the best m'dear xx

Anonymous said...

You achieved so much in 2007 - so onwards and upwards in 2008!

I can see you having a wide range of goods with your designs on them - the Clarisse Cliffe of the millennium.

An art class might help, or just take a deep breath and splodge some colour on, and see what happens.

Either way, I'm sure it'll go well.

Mum xx

Ange said...

Hi C,

I too have decided to de-lurk!! Thanks for the New Year's wishes. Happy New Year yourself.

If 2007 is anything to go by, I think 2008 will be amazing! Not sure if this is helpful, but I've been trying a free-writing approach to figuring out what to do in the year ahead. Every morning I try to answer the question what do I really, really, really want? It's bizarre what comes up and even more bizarre what happens as a result of writing down what I want.


Carol and Chris said...

Spiral Skies - Thanks honey :-)

Mel - Your right....I need to get over this fear of colour thing that I have. I think I will do a will probably be fun and will get me doing things I have never done before!!

Thaistory - Thanks :-)

Lane - A tint of colour is a great idea.....I think I might try that!! Thanks honey!!

Mum - I think you might be slightly biased :-D

Ange - Welcome and thanks for de-lurking. Your free writing sounds like an interesting idea....I've heard a lot about it but I'm not entirely sure what it is!!

C x