Monday, 21 April 2008

The Gallery

Well I have been working pretty hard and, with the help of the lovely Leigh, I now have my drawings permanently displayed in the Die'n Art's Gallery. I've taken some photo's so that you can see what it looks like......pretty great eh!!

That's my character, Iona Kyle, that you can see in the pics.

If any of you fancy a tour in real time give me a shout. Going into SL is really easy......go to the website (You can click here), hit the get started button, create a profile for your character and then download the software. It's easy peasy lemon squeezy.......and best of all......... it's free!!


Denyse said...

Looks good on your post and you know that is the closest this ancient computer of mine is going to let me get to the 'real' SL!

DJ Kirkby said...

That is me in the post above btw...

Lane said...

Wow that looks cool. I love your artwork set against all the brick.

Will dip my toe into SL when my first life is a bit more stable:-)

And look at all your lovely red hair!:-)

Anonymous said...

Fandabbydozie !!!
Tried to get in to SL and it all went horribly wrong. Will try again
See you there


Anonymous said...

Your drawings look like stained glass windows set into the brickwork - they look fab! Once I've come up with a name for my profile, I'll visit them in situ.

Love Mum xx

Anonymous said...

ps. Love your avatar's Pre-Raphaelite hair!

Love Mum xx

Anonymous said...
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Carol and Chris said...

DJ/Denyse - Thanks :-). It's a pity that you've got an ancient machine - it would have been lovely to meet in real time!!

Lane - I am ridiculously pleased with how it looks!! (I owe Leigh heaps!!). Well, when you do dip your toe in give me a shout and I will attempt to be your guide (Hopefully by then I will have got the hang of it!!)

Tomato - Oooohhhhh how exciting!! I'll be able to show you my house too....did I tell you I have an SL House!!! (You're going to have SL House envy!!)

Mum - Hehehe, and the photo's don't do them justice!! I am so pleased with how they look I can't begin to tell you!!

Her hair is fab isn't it :-)

C x

SpiralSkies said...

Oh, God, I tried so hard to figure out SL when you last raved about it but I was dismally useless... a whole day I spent, bumping into walls and not being able to speak to people in cool places. Then I ended up in some wilderness and got a bit depressed. It really is like real life... :0( LOL

Carol and Chris said...

Sprial Jen - Hehehehe. I did something very very similar (and my character ended up in a public place with no clothes on!!) when I first when in. We should arrange a time and go in together and I can show you around - I had a lot of help and that makes a big difference!!

Give me a shout if you fancy doing that :-)

C x

Leigh said...

Hi Hun, sorry it has taken me a bit to get in and read this. Great shots of your art and the set up :) Looks great!


Carol and Chris said...

Leigh - No need to apologise....your a busy lady!! (At the moment busy doing things for building me a house, fixing curtains when I've managed to get them sticking out of the ceiling and loaning me your Buddha!!). Glad you like the post....will do one of the house when it's all finished :-)

See you soon

C x

Mel said...

That is so beyond cool! I love these parallel universes that are popping up everywhere. The gallery really does look fantabulous! xx

Carol and Chris said...

Mel - Thanks honey!! I think I've already said this....but I really am chuffed to bits with how it looks!! I'm loving SL - more than I had expected to....I even went shopping yesterday!! (Very exciting!!)

C x

disa said...
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