Monday, 15 September 2008

Gallus Art - Warning. Shameless Promotion coming up

I have been swithering about whether to do this or not but have decided that if I don't do it now.....

As you all know, we are coming to the UK for a holiday in 10 days time. This means that if you have been considering buying one of my pics (original or print) I will be able to bring them with me saving you money on postage and packaging. To purchase an original costs £100 and for a print it's £30 (All prints are limited edition...there will only ever be twenty of each and each one is numbered) and at the moment I am doing buy two get one free!! Please click HERE if you would like to view my work. Thank you.

Phew, I'm glad that's over!! I hate doing the promotion stuff but, as my friend told me, if I don't tell you then you won't know!!


Mel said...

Oh my goodness..all the things I've been missing out on. I've been hermiting the last 6 weeks and here you are almost set to jet off back home! So much to catch up on... Hopefully you'll see me commenting more often now :-D xx

Lane said...

Oh I wish I could Carol. Damn these bills that need paying and children that have the audacity to have birthdays:-)

Don't be shy of 'shameless self promotion'. Your work is damn good and should sell like hot cakes!

Laura said...

I'm not in the UK but I like your drawings. The house on the branch especially.

Maybe you will do some more shameless self promotion and join us for Doodle Week at the end of September.

Carol and Chris said...

Mel - Hey you!!! Long time no speak (bad bad girl!!). How are things going in the land of Oz?

Lane - Thanks, that's a lovely thing to say :-). I know I need to do it I just hate doing it *sigh*.

Laura - Doodle week sounds interesting!! I shall pop over and have a nosey :-)

C x