Friday, 24 November 2006


It is always the same - anytime Chris and I have actually planned to go somewhere in the middle of the week something comes up and Chris has to work late (Hmmm.....i wonder if he is trying to tell me something......Naaa.....he was even late for a wine tasting!!). We had booked tickets to go and see Madame Butterfly at the Sheraton Hotel - fortunately for me my friend Elyssa agreed to be my hot date for the evening.

We had a lovely time. The ticket price (2,200 baht which is about £30) included a three course meal in their posh Italian restaurant, Rossini, (Elyssa and I agreed that the chocolate desert was definitely worth the calories!!) and we were given a complimentary glass of wine as well as a coffee - not bad eh!!

The actual show took place in their ballroom - we were right in the middle of the second row from the front so had a great view of the stage. The only problem was that the woman playing the part of Butterfly, who had an absolutely superb voice, looked like the love child of Angela Lansbury and Nathan Lane (when he was in drag - think Birdcage for those of you who have seen it....and for those of you that haven't here's a picture so you get the idea). The white make-up required for the first act did nothing for her and since she was supposed to be playing the part of a 15 year old Japanese girl it really stretched the imagination!! (Elyssa reckoned that if you squinted and maybe if the lights were very low......). She did look a hell of a lot better in the second act once the white make-up had come off and she didn't look 90 anymore (she was actually quite pretty.....ok, still didn't look 15 but it wasn't such a stretch). We both really enjoyed it - she gave a fantastic rendition of the famous 'Un Bel Di Vedremo' for those of you that don't know it you can hear it (and see video clips from various performers) at

I was very proud of myself - got a bit watery about the gills at the end but didn't humiliate myself by crying.


Anonymous said...

You not watery eyed at a tragic love story How Very Dare You

Tom (The Matron of Honour) said...

That was me God I hate technology

Carol and Chris said...

Erm.....don't you work for an IT company!!!

Anonymous said...
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