Friday, 23 March 2007

A short update and a little something for Marilyn

It is now official - I am the Welfare Volunteer Co-ordinator for the British Women's Group here. I attended their AGM yesterday and was voted in (The mad fools!!). It's actually really exciting - we've had two people volunteer to join the new Welfare Team and I have a partner in crime.....a lovely woman called Carolyn who, believe it or not, worked in Customs and Excise for 30 years!! (I asked if she knew Chris - She had heard of him but had not actually met him - Small world). Oh, and whilst I'm on the subject of small world....I also met a woman yesterday called Meilan who used to live in Ayr and some of her best friends come from Straiton!! (Was so shocked I didn't think to ask who!!). My first official task is to meet with Oxfam here in Bangkok as they are looking for some volunteers and have approached the group for help.

I have other exciting news - I have met a lovely lady who owns a shop in Sukhumvit 53 called Pandora (She has some lovely stuff - Pandora Furniture) and she said that she is starting a gallery and would like to display my art work for me. I told that she should probably wait till she has seen them before saying that (She might hate them - I mean it's not like they are nice and normal!!) but when she heard that I had commissions she said that it would be fine - I am going to go and see her next week.

Talking of drawings.....I've done a new one!! (What do you think? - I might have a go at doing it in colour.....)

Last but not least - Marilyn, my Dad told me that you and Charles had been looking for me on-line so that we could say hi whilst he was staying with you - sorry I wasn't around but, knowing what a fan you are of my Fab shoes, I thought I would show you these......modelled by my lovely assistant Moon (Who now thinks I am more bonkers than she usually does!!) .......aren't they beauties!!!


Marilyn Munsterman said...

Totally the most wonderful shoes ever. You have gone beyond your previous wonder shoes. Poor Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, her red shoes pale before these. Did you find in the Thailand?

Another idea, I think Janice and I should come to Thailand to go on the Moon diet. Let's face it, you can't be too rich or too thin. It sounds like she is a wonder in the kitchen.

Thanks for the picture of the shoes.

peter_may said...

Looks like these shoes are a trifle large for Moon. I suppose that's why they made you charity coordinator of the Big Women's Group - that is what it stands for, isn't it?

Love the drawing, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Gran says - "She does a lovely blog!!!"

Carol and Chris said...

Glad you liked them Marilyn (I knew you would!!). There is a fantastic shop in Emporium which has the most stunning shoes I have ever seen. Most of them are for little Thai feet but occasionally I come across a pair....

I can highly recommend The Moon diet - it is working wonders....I've lost 3 stone so far (20 kilo's).