Saturday, 21 April 2007

We have been invaded......

by a group of small Thai's!! (I know we were never going to be invaded by a group of big Thai's but these ones are particularly small). We currently have Moon's two children, Fa (11) and Dawan (6), staying with us (They arrived on Wednesday) and have had Min (Moon's sister Mai's little girl), whose also 11, visiting us everyday. OH MY GOD WE ARE SURROUNDED!!! (That's Fa on the left and Min on the right) Fortunately they are all very sweet and very well behaved - I dread to think what would have happened had they been little horrors (Chris and I are not famed for our patience).

Anyway, it is Moon's 30th Birthday today which we decided to celebrate yesterday (She doesn't work on a Saturday). Moon and Dawan had popped out to say goodbye to a friend of hers so Fa, Min and I went out to the supermarket and bought the ingredients we would need to make her a birthday cake. (We also bought a little present for her (a purse that Fa picked) from one of the stalls so Fa, Dawan and Min had something to give her). I decided that we would attempt to make a sponge cake with raspberry and mascarpone cream (That way we needed two sponges so the two girls could be in charge of a cake tin each). The girls had great fun measuring things, mixing things and getting to taste things as they went into the bowl (Small fingers were dipped into everything - the raspberry fromage frais was a huge hit). Moon joined in when she got back (As you can tell from the photo). The cake turned out beautifully (Good old Delia!!) and I breathed a sigh of relief as it was the 2nd cake I have ever made (Probably helped make more than that when I was wee but don't really remember).

Silence descended as they all went away to get changed (Chris and I are really beginning to appreciate those silences) and then they appeared again all dressed up with Mai in tow. We made a big fuss of Moon and had a laugh as she opened her pressies. I had been to a place called Desert Diamonds (The manufacture diamonds which are absolutely beautiful and nowhere near as expensive as the real deal) and had bought her a solitaire diamond necklace. It's gorgeous (am temped to get one for myself) and really sparkled against her skin - she was thrilled to bits (well.....your only 30 once!!). We then headed out to Lemonchello (a great Italian place on Soi 11 - Think I have mentioned it before) for pizza. The kids were hilarious........Min and Fa were not entirely convinced by the pizza (It probably didn't help that Moon drowned it in tomato ketchup and chilli) but Dawan just got stuck right in - we got some great photos. Chris and Moon had a pretend fight to keep him entertained and we all laughed a lot. When we got back to the apartment we brought the cake through and sang happy birthday (Oh, and we ate some once we had managed to rescue the cake from Moon - very nice it was too!!). She gave me a big cuddle at the end of the night and said told me that it was one of the best birthday's she had ever had.


Anonymous said...

The cake looks lovely, and yes you help bake several cakes when you were wee, and they all turned out well. Your scones were even better - the secret was you had to squidge the dough through your fingers first! Lovely! Luv Mum

Anonymous said...

Meant to say - what beautiful children, they're little cuties! Looks like you all had great fun. Luv Mum (Katwoman)