Tuesday, 14 August 2007

I am scunnered

It was a holiday here yesterday for the Queen Sirikit's Birthday so Chris and I were really looking forward to having a lovely long weekend. We had made plans and everything - we were going to go to the National Museum, Khao San Road and maybe try a new restaurant or two. Sigh.....things never turn out quite like you plan do they!!

Ok - I have had two bumps on my leg which I thought were bug bites.....they have steadily got bigger and nastier so we decided that I had better go to the doctor and get them checked out. So on Saturday morning we headed to Bumrungrad (honestly I think we need to buy some shares in the place!!) where I saw a Doctor who diagnosed me with.......wait for it......Cat Scratch Disease!! Now I know that it is a genuine medical condition (I looked it up and roared with laughter when I saw the caption - Cause of Cat Scratch Disease next to a picture of a cat!! No.......Really??) but you would think that they would have come up with a slightly more credible name for it (Cat Scratch Disease sounds made up like if I had gone in having been run over by a car I would be told I had Car Crash Disease). Anyway, I was given antibiotics which 'might' make me slightly nauseous and which 'might' give me the runs (Oh great - a happy weekend ahead of us then!!). We headed home and within an hour I was feeling fine - Chris on the other hand was feeling really crappy. He said he felt a bit fluey and that his eyes felt very tired and gritty (they were a bit on the pink side) - it turns out that he has conjunctivitis.

We spent the weekend watching movies!! We watched one very odd Japanese horror Film called Imprint which was utterly baffling and a bit gross - At the end Chris and I just looked at one another and shrugged!!, we also watched a film called Homecoming which was quite funny......I'm sure you have all heard of Shaun of the Dead which was billed as a zomromcom (A Zombie Romantic Comedy which is absolutely brilliant by the way!!) well this would have been a Polzomcom (Political Zombie Comedy) - the plot is basically this......presidential election looms, then in order to boost the presidents ratings someone wishes that dead troops could come back to life to tell everyone how proud they were to serve their country and then.....yep you guessed it..... zombie war veterans come alive but rather than vote for the president they vote against him because they were sent to war for a lie. (Who think these things up?). We also went to see The Simpsons Movie and Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix at Siam Paragon (We really needed to get out the house - there is only so much bad horror one can take!!). Actually the Harry Potter movie was being shown at the IMAX - it was the fist time either of us had been and I have to say it was very cool.......the 3D effects are so much better than they used to be (although the glasses have not improved much!!)

I did managed to do another two drawings so perhaps I shouldn't complain too much - Oh and there is another long weekend next weekend. Next Sunday is when the Thai's get to vote on the new Charter which has been drawn up by the interim Government. (It will be interesting to see what happens). I'm going to stop complaining now.....


Amy said...

So sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, but at least you're on the road to recovery. Never knew Cat Scratch Disease was real until now! Bumrungrad is awesome! That's where I gave birth to my son and had all my prenatal work done. I plan to go back during our Thai visits to get checkups and maybe even some beautifying treatments done. :)

Anonymous said...

How bizarre! I've never heard of Cat Scratch Disease, it sounds nasty! Glad to hear you're on the mend, though.
I got my injections today for coming over - typhoid and hepatitus 'A' in one jag, and diphtheria, tetanus and polio in a second. Do you think there's one for Cat Scratch Disease??? :-))

Love, Mum

Carol and Chris said...

Amy - I would rather be ill here than in the UK. The treatment I've had a Bumrungrad has always been fantastic!!

Mum - I don't know if there is a jag for Cat Scratch Disease but you might want to find out!!

C x