Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Reasons to be cheerful

I've had a real grumbly couple of today I thought I would blog about reasons I have to be cheerful

1. I've sold another picture (an original) to a lovely guy called Brad who lives in New York.
2. The commission piece that I am currently working on is going very well.

3. We are going to a birthday party on Saturday night.
4. Next month I am going on a trip to Mae Hong Son on the Thai/Burmese border to visit the Thailand Hilltribe Education Projects that the BWG sponsor. This will involve visiting remote hill tribe villages virtually untouched by tourism where people live more or less as they have lived for hundreds of years. It's not going to be luxurious....we will travel in pickups, sleep on school floors

and eat the local food. The aim of the trip is to assess the educational needs of hill tribe schools so that we can work out the best way of supporting them going forward. I've also been told that it is the "sunflower season" in Mae Hong Son so it should be stunning!!

For those interested - Mae Hong Son means The City of Three Mists as it is virtually covered with mist throughout the year (dewy mist in the winter, forest fire mist in the summer and rainy mist in the rainy season). It is nestled in a deep valley hemmed in by high mountain ranges and has long been isolated from the outside world. It is the most mountainous province in Thailand and is home to the Shans who live in the city and the Hilltribe people who live in remote villages on mountain tops. The Shan's ancestors came from the Shans region in Burma and the Hilltribe people consist of Karen, Lisu, Mhong, Lahu and Lua

and last but definately not least

5. Moon has invited us up to Issan to stay with her for a weekend in her home village which is near Maha Sarakham (The capital of Issan). Moon has told us that it's a huge honour for her that we are going to visit and stay in her home so there will probably be a party involving the entire village!! We will also visit her local temple and, if we're feeling very brave, help out on the farm!! I think it will be an amazing experience and I'm thrilled because it means that we will get to see Fa and Dawan before we go.

So, there you have it.....reasons to be cheerful!!


DJ Kirkby said...

I am not surprised you are feeling a bit grumbly, you've had a huge upheaval and another soon to come. It is nice to see that you can look at it from both perspectives though. xo

JJ said...

Oooh, lots of lovely stuff to cheer you up. I think it's just that time of year too.

Lane said...

Sorry to hear about the grumps:-( Gets like that sometimes doesn't it.

Lovely reason to be cheerful (part two). Huge congrats on your sale and going up to stay with Moon will be fantastic. I really look forward to hearing about that and your trip next month. x

Caroline said...

I feel all emotional reading this post. Enjoy enjoy and enjoy x

Carol and Chris said...

DJ - I am definately a cup half full kinda gal (expect when it comes to wine.....then I ask for a top up!!). It is going to be an upheaval leaving but I'm sure it will generate good blogging material :-)

JJ - I think your right about it being the time of year!!

Lane - I just decided that I was fed up being fed up so thought I would blog about something cheerful. I felt much better after writing it :-)

Caroline - Awww thanks hon. I'm sure we will have fun and I will make sure I take loads of photos.

C x

Tam said...

Chin up - you've got a lot to look forward to :-) Congrats on the sale.

Mae Hong Son sounds amazing - take lots of pics please!

Carol and Chris said...

Tam - Thanks hon. I'm doing my best :-)

I am so excited about visiting Mae Hong Son and am really pleased that I'm going to get the chance before we leave!! Oooohhh I just know that I will be snap happy...

C x

Misssy M said...

Your life makes me weep with envy!

Debs said...

Glad you've got so many wonderful things to look forward to and many congratulations on the sale too.

French Fancy said...

I suppose everything is tinged with a hint of sadness now that you will soon be leaving it all behind. You can always return for a holiday though. Never say never.

Pat Posner said...

Congratulations on the sale.
The City of Three Mists is such an evocative name, it looks an intriguing place.

I hope you stay fed up with being fed up so you aren't - but hugs for when you are.

East Anglian Troy said...

I think everybody should take a few minutes and do a list of things to be cheerful about whenever they feel down.

Those trips you are going on are absolutely mind-blowing. What amazing experiences you'll be having - priceless!

Also I'm amazed at the longevity of the Mae Hong Son people.

Carol and Chris said...

Missy M - Hehehehe......will it still make you weep with envy when we're in Wiltshire?

Debs - Thanks hon...I am ridiculously pleased!! It is so exciting getting an e-mail from someone saying that they want to buy a picture :-)

French Fancy - Oh we will be back!! Our friends here are not getting rid of us that easily!!!

Pat - It sounds amazing doesn't it....I'm very excited about going (will be disappointed if I don't see any mist!!)

Thanks...I'm not the type of person that stays down for long :-)

EAT - It was the lovely JJ from Tea Stains who told me ages ago that she blogged about cheerful things when she felt's a great idea and it works a treat!!

I'm very lucky to get the opportunity to go on these's not something that you can do on the tourist trail!!

It's astonishing given the conditions they live in!!

C x

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