Thursday, 3 May 2007

Being Tee Total is not good for me....

Look what I've been doing....... (I think perhaps I should get out more!!)

I was looking for something in one of our 'Drawers of Random Things' (Feel like that should have some da dan daaaaaaa music to accompany it!!) and came across a whole load of cards, notes and things that Chris has given me over the years. It seemed a shame to have them shoved in a drawer so I attacked an old picture frame, strung some wire inside it to make squares and then hung the pics and stuff from the wires with small wooden clothes pegs. (Who says I am not a domestic Goddess!!!) I think it turned out quite nice (although the swearing and cursing that went with making it was not quite so Goddess like)

Then I was sitting looking at our wall (Ok, just proved to myself that I definitely need to get out more - I think I need to start drinking again!!) the other day and was gripped with the urge to paint a big mural on it. Chris, very sensibly, said no. I mulled the idea over and came up with a way to deface the wall that doesn't require slapping loads of paint onto it......stickers!!! No, I don't mean just any old stickers - that would be crap!! I mean fancy ones

'Wall Art'

'design your own space'

..... kind of stickers so with that in mind I made these......


Amy said...

Are your walls made of concrete? I remember seeing so many beautiful works of art in Bangkok that I wanted to take home with me, but no way to hang them as I'd have to take some sort of power drill to the apartment walls - and the landlord wouldn't go for that! Your place looks fantastic. :)

So you're an artist? Have you checked out the numerous galleries in BKK? There's an enormous one toward the end of Silom Road (very near Silom Village and New Road) that has some very beautiful galleries in them. They also regularily hold exhibitions on their top floor of various modern and traditional artists. Oftentimes too the hotels around town hold exhibitions. Check the BKK Post. Before I met my hubby and spent all my time with him, I was a regular at all the art galleries.

And thanks for your happy anniversary wishes. :)

Carol and Chris said...

I don't know what they are made of but they are bloody hard!! Our apartment has a handy man who will put up pictures in the apartment if we ask him to (which is just as well because Chris seems to have an aversion to hanging pictures). I know what you mean about the art here - it really is fantastic (We're starting to run out of wall space).

I'm not really an artist - I just like drawing. I've been to a few galleries since moving here but not as many as I would like and none in Silom. I think I might try and drag Chris to one this weekend :-)

Michelle said...

Carol, I have quite a bit of artwork and the handyman in my building just popped up and put everything on the wall for me. I came back home after work and everything was done, and all it cost me was 100 baht tip :-)

Hey, are you going to the book club meeting on Tuesday at Kuppa? I'm going to try to drag my tired patoot down there for the first time - keep promising the woman who is organizing it but haven't made it yet. Wondered if you were going as I'd love to meet you.

(And hi to Amy - who is a friend of mine and used to teach at my school :-)

Carol and Chris said...

Hi Michelle - Amy left a lovely comment on my blog a few weeks ago and is now on my 'List of blogs that I regularly check' along with yours.

Yes I'm going to the book club on Tuesday night. I'm not sure how long I'm going to be able to stay - I'm going to a European Professionals Networking Event to celebrate 50 years of the UN at the Sheraton on Sukhumvit. If you fancy coming along (am thinking about your business) - it's only 200 baht per head (Lots of European food and unlimited beer and wine). If your interested let me know and I'll send you the link so you can book a ticket. It would be lovely to meet up!!

Amy said...

Hi Michelle! I wish I could meet up with you Carol and hang out with you and Michelle. Michelle is such a wonderful person - smart and SOOO funny. I'm so glad we've stayed in touch since I've moved back to the USA.

Anyway, the name of that gallery I mentioned on Silom is a huge art gallery mall called Silom Galleria. Get off at the Surasak Station on the Silom line and turn right at the Honda dealership. Walk down a few blocks and the back of the Galleria will be on your right. Just in case your're interested - it's really a neat place.

Michelle said...


Thanks Amy for the kind words :-)

Carol, would love to come on Tuesday - can you send me the link? Send it to my business e-mail:

bangkokbint at yahoo dot com.

Thanks so much and see you on Tuesday!

Carol and Chris said...

Amy - Thanks for the information. We were discussing it last night and thought that we might go tomorrow afternoon so your timing couldn't have been better!! When you next come to Thailand perhaps we can all meet up?

Michelle - the link is winging it's way over to you. See you on Tuesday!!