Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Don't you just love kids!!!

I thought you lot would laugh your heads off at these -

To the right is Dawan's drawing of Chris (I think it looks just like him).

To the left is Fa's drawing of Chris and I and below is one she did of just me.

Before you think I got off lightly - have a look at the one Dawan did of me!!

I used to like Moon's kids.....think I might have just gone off them!!!


Anonymous said...

Dawan's got your hair right. I think their drawings are great! You used to do the same thing to every visitor we had to the house - I still have some of your very flattering drawings of friends and family. Love Katwoman

Carol and Chris said...

Hmmmm - When I showed Chris the drawings I said

'He's drawn me with no arms or legs!'

Chris's come back was

'Yeah - but he got the hair right!!'.

You two are a pair of buggers and I don't like either of you any more!!