Tuesday, 8 January 2008

I am soooo excited!!!

Our best mate Tom (otherwise known as Tomato), who introduced Chris and I and was Matron of Honour at our wedding, arrives on Saturday morning.......only three more days to go!!!

Can't wait can't wait can't wait :-D


SpiralSkies said...

A chap called Tomato who was matron of honour - he certainly sounds like fun. I might be excited too on your behalf :)

Anonymous said...

Have a great time with Tom, I know you will. Give him my love.

Mum xx

Anonymous said...

He does live up to the reputation! Keep him off the gin (tho i thought he was fine) and send him my regards.
One handed Jo x
(what is it about our family and hands?)

Carol and Chris said...

Jen - He is great fun.....we've both known him forever. He is completely and utterly part of the family!! I really can't wait to see him (and I should have lots of daft stories to share whilst he's here - last year he tried yogic flying.....see post The Adventures of Tomato in Thailand - Chiang Mai)

Mum - We will have a ball as always (and I will tell him you send your love)

Jo - The fact that you thought Tom on Gin was fine is now making me seriously worried about how bad you were!! Tom is NEVER fine on Gin!!!!

I am slightly scared to ask but why are you one handed? (The story has not yet made it over to us)

C x

Anonymous said...

Oops Mum said she had spoken to Chris so i thought she'd said. Fell in early hours of New Years Day with a glass OF WATER in my hand. Bit of a mess as glass broke. Especially to Tracey's cream carpet (I will stop apologising for this eventually) So remember stay away from water it's a serious threat to your health.

Carol and Chris said...

Dear GOD Woman - why the hell were you drinking water!! The only water you are allowed to drink from now on is of the tonic variety preferably with a gin or a vodka in it!!!

It's not too serious is it?

C x

Anonymous said...

The champagne, vodka and whisky I had been drinking earlier in the evening may have been a contributing factor- I was on the way upstairs to my kip when I fell backwards. Trace and I taped it up and I went to bed wearing a plastic glove in case it bled again. By time I went to casualty in Dundee next day too late to stitch so taped and glued. Bandages now off and after a week of being grumpy and not using my hand Im feeling much better. The embarassment is still causing a bit of pain though :) and doing up jeans one handed is a distinctly acquired skill with a lot of swearing involved.
Mags gets an injured hand from altruism, I get an injured hand thro alcoholism- this could be the main difference between your sisters in law! (or why I thought Tom ok on gin)

Lane said...

Until I clicked on the photo I thought your lovely dress had giant tomatoes on it! Worn in his honour??

Have fun:-)

Dave said...

Renewing old friendships.... Always a memorable event. All the best! :-)

Carol and Chris said...

Jo - When I said us I discovered last night that I should have said me!! Your Mum told Chris when she spoke to him but I must have been out the room at that point so didn't hear anything about it!!

Glad to hear it's on the mend and I think it definately had more to do with the champagne, vodka and whisky than the water!! LOL - I now have a mental image of you jumping up and down whilst swearing.....it's very funny!!

Lane - Given that my face regularly looks like a burst Tomato in the heat I think a tomato print dress would be a really bad move!! (Someone might seriously try to cook me!!!)

Dave - We've never lost touch we just don't see as much of each other as we would like - me being in Bangkok and he being in London makes it kinda hard :-D

C x