Friday, 18 January 2008

The Tomato has landed

This is just a very quick update to let you all know that Tomato arrived safe and sound and that we are having a ball. So far we have

- Visited Wat Arun (Chris and I have been talking about going for the last year and a half!!). It was absolutely stunning - although none of us were very sure about the stairs!!!

- Walked from Wat Po to the Giant Swing visiting many temples along the way
- Had drinks on Khao San Road
- Tom got two suits made - a dinner suit and a work suit (Very snazzy they are too!!)
- Watched a DVD which told the tale of a very famous Thai ghost story Mae Nak - the story goes that Mak (boy) and Nak (girl) fell in love, got a house together and she fell pregnant. Mak was then sent to war and when he came back Nak had given birth and life resumed but none of their friends would come and visit them and Mak couldn't work out why. One day he went into the village and discovered that Nak had died during childbirth and the baby hadn't made it either. (Moon was so scared she spent the night hiding under her duvet so if a ghost came into her room it wouldn't see her!!)
- We visited Wat Maha But where there is a shrine dedicated to Mae Nak (We had planned to walk but it was waaay to hot so we went by boat instead!!)
- Tried a new restaurant in Soi 8 called Rojo's - the food was fab!! (The wine wasn't bad either.
- We visited the Erawan Museum (Tom, the eejit that he is, managed to brain himself on the didn't knock any sense into him!!)
- We visited the Erawan Shrine
- We had lunch at the Erawan Tea Room. Tom had the weirdest desert ever - coconut ice cream it should really have been called coconut had no coconut in it but did have sweetcorn, broad beans and yellow pepper!!! (It also had some gelatinous mass of a indeterminate nature on top of it!!)
- We went shopping and Tom bought present to take home (He didn't buy any last year and was really in the bad books!!)
- We visited Pakkred......Tom managed to re-christen Mo-Cha-Ya. He kept calling her Ho-Chi-Min because he knew her name had three words in it but couldn't remember what they were!!! (He said it sounded vaguely right.......)
- We spent two days in Kanchanaburi where we visited lots of temples, ate lots of yummy food (Yes we had pakora - Chris was very jealous!!) and decided that we might kill our driver (He had one CD which he played constantly....It was some crappy love thing which featured lots of warbling women such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Have I mentioned just how much I loath Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston???). If we been staying for three days ........
- Tom had a fight with his bank who, despite being told that he was coming to Thailand, had decided to put a stop on his card. The really irritating thing is they have told him that they can't guarantee that they won't stop his card again whilst he's here!!! (It's for his protection apparently.......utter bollocks!!!)
- We met the lovely JJ for lunch and had a great time catching up on all the gossip about the upcoming fashion show
- We did some more shoppingand last but not least
- We went to Admakers - it got a bit messy!! (I have just spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to find photo's that could go on Gran reads this!!!)

The next big thing is the fashion show......I can't wait to see all the different things they have done with my shoe logo!!!

(I just have to add......OMG OMG OMG we go to Angkor Wat on Wednesday (Tom and I are now both doing a happy dance as I write this.....Chris, if he were here and not at work, would probably be looking at us and shaking his head in despair!!!)


Lane said...

Tomato is a breadstick man! I like him already:-) (at least I hope they're breadsticks!)

Anonymous said...

Chris has never looked more lovely, and I'm impressed with the headbanging! I knew you'd be having a ball, just wish I could be there too.

Mum xxx

Janice said...

I'm just trying to piece together what's going on in the last picture.

So... my best guess...

Tom's on the floor and you're trying to figure out how best to gather him up...
Chris: "Right, I'll take his arms. You girls take a leg each. No. Wait a minute. I can't manage all four of his arms.."


Carol and Chris said...

Lane - LOL. They were green beans and that's Chris who's got them stuck up his nose.....ahhhh my husband is just sooo classy!!!

Mum - There are worse photo's than that.......much much worse!!!

Janice - LOL. When we looked at it on Saturday both Chris and I said 'What the hell are we looking at?' followed by 'Where's Tom?'......then we realised......he would be the one taking the photo!! (Doh!!)

C x

maswey said...
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