Friday, 22 February 2008

Scraping the bottom of the barrel

You are going to laugh your heads off when I show you this!! Chris and I have now both had our photo's on the Society pages in Big Chilli (monthly magazine here).

This is Shirley, Me and Sue at the St Andrew's Ball


This is Marissa, Chris and Tom at the BWG Fashion Show

Told you they were scraping the bottom of the barrel!!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say 'scraping the bottom of the barrel', they just have to keep in touch with the ordinary person. To be fair you all look very smart.

Love Mum xx

SpiralSkies said...

Blimey, you'll be coming over all Tara P-T on us before we know it ;0)


Mel said...

ooh moving up in the world in your posh social circles ;-D You do look fab!

SueG said...

Thailand will clearly never be the same! xo Sue

Carol and Chris said...

Mum - OMG if we are the best they can do I'm scared!!

SpiralSkies - If I ever become Tara P-T on your ass then you have permission to take me outside and shoot me!!!

Mel - Thanks honey - it's great what a professional can do!!

Sue - I think we made an impact!!

C x

Lane said...

You look so fab! All glam like something from the pages of Tatler! The dress is gorgeous.
Chris looks like Mr Dashing too:-)

(I love the name of the magazine:-)

Carol and Chris said...

Thanks Lane!! One of the advantages of living here is that you can print pictures of clothes off the internet and take them to a tailors to be copied!! (the dress is a copy of a Jean Paul Gaultier dress worn by Nicole Kidman at the Oscars a few years back)

C x

JJ said...

Oooh, OK Magazine! here we come.

Carol and Chris said...

LOL JJ!! They would have to be reeeaaally desperate!!!

C x

Anonymous said...

I was hoping no-one would notice the 3rd world Latin American Dictator hovering by Chris left hand.
I can't believe it I've made it into the society pages.....I must polish my tiara


Carol and Chris said...

T - LOL at polish tiara comment!!

C x