Saturday, 9 February 2008


Thank GOD that's over!!

I am over the moon!! There were no cancer cells in the tumour and, as long as Mini Me doesn't get any bigger, I don't need to go back in and have her removed!!! (They are still going to monitor her to be on the safe side but I can live with that!!)

I would do a happy dance if my side didn't hurt so much!!


Anonymous said...

What a huge relief! A lot of people have been very worried about you. Now you can relax and concentrate on getting better, and let everyone make a fuss.

Mum xx

JJ said...

Excellent news. Thanks for the call honey.

Lane said...

Big whoops indeed!! So pleased for you Carol:-)

Mel said...

That's fantastic news! Such a big relief.

Happy Valentine's Day!! :-D

hesitant scribe said...

Just dropped by via Spiral Skies and wanted to say how pleased I am that you are cancer free! Truly wonderful news - and you don't need surgery either which is marvellous.

I hope you heal up soon - I was sore for a few days after my lung needle biopsy, but it cleared up. Chemo is crap so I am so pleased you've been spared that! Now keep being positive, eat well, and have a lovely Valentine's Day!

Carol and Chris said...

Mum - I don't really do fussing....or relaxing for that matter (as you know). I've not really felt like blogging but I have been playing with paint!! (Lovely JJ supplied the paint)

JJ - Thank you so so much for the paint and the wonderful book!! I've had so much fun playing and generally making a mess!!!

Lane - Thanks honey. I've discovered that I really don't make a very good patient and I'm currently driving Chris bonkers!!

Mel - :-). Happy Valentines to you too!!

Hesitant Scribe - Welcome and thank you so much for your kind words!! I am very could quite easily have been unpleasant news. I'm going to pop over to your blog now and have a wee read.

Hope you had a lovely valentines day too!!

C x

Caroline said...

Fab news honey - whoop the whoop indeed x

Anonymous said...
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