Friday, 7 March 2008


You know what it's like when you go away from work for a few days and you come back to sooooo much stuff that you kinda wish that you had never gone in the first place.......well that's how I have felt this week!! (and can I just point out that I don't work......allegedly!!)

The Andaman Trip was absolutely fantastic!! (I will be updating properly on that soon). I got back home late Friday night......I had sore legs, sunburn on my nose and my forehead, I was incredibly tired and in desperate need of a hot shower!! (I tell you......I don't think I would have made it into the society pages of any magazine had I been spotted on Friday night!!).

Anyway there have been no blog updates this week because I have.....

- Worked with JJ on the logo and look of this years Combined Women's Lunch (CWL) which is being hosted by the BWG. I was asked to do the artwork for it on Monday before I left for Andaman, said yes, and then discovered upon my return that they need it for today (we've got an extension till Monday but talk about short notice!!)
- Attended a 12 year olds Birthday Party - there was karaoke (am still shuddering at the horror)
- Met up with John, a friend of my Dad's who was in Bangkok on a business trip, and took him out for a few drinks and dinner (Fortunately he was lovely and we all got on very well!!)
- Wrote a Welfare Article for the BWG Magazine and am still chasing 9 other people for their contributions (It's only a couple of sentences I need - is that so hard?)
- Met with a representative of the Charity Operation Smile to find out more about what they do and how they do it (They are now going to be the beneficiaries of the CWL)
- Went to see Maroon Five (Who were bloody great by the way!!)
- Did more work on the CWL logo
- Went to Pakkred
- Hosted the BWG Welfare Team meeting and wrote the report for Committee.
- Had my Dad's friend, John, over for dinner before he flew back to the States
- Went to the BWG Committee meeting
- Went to the CWL meeting with JJ and we presented the art work so far (it needs tweaked but they were happy with the over all look)
- Wrote some blurb on Operation Smile which will go out with our sponsorship requests.

Thank god it's Friday - I am planning to do bugger all over the weekend....I am completely knackered!!! I've not even had a chance to catch up on everyone's blogs (now I've done a post saying that I will be updating on the Andaman Trip soon I now feel I can go and see what everyone else has been upto........)


Lane said...

Cripes - did you even have time to breathe during all that?
You are a human dynamo Carol!
Have a good rest this weekend:-) xx

SueG said...

Yikes! I'm exhausted just reading it. To tell you the truth, I've been so tired from all my stuff and travels (plus I have a cold) that I'm still in bed with my laptop on my lap (where else?) and I even turned on the TV this morning and watched junk. And it's 11.33 am! Haven't even brushed my teeth yet -- sshhh, don't tell anyone.

Relax this weekend. you deserve it! :)

Carol and Chris said...

Lane - Normally I don't mind being busy (much prefer it to being bored!!) but it actually did my head in this week. I didn't have time to do what I wanted to which was blog and do some painting *sigh*

Sue - I promise I won't breath a word!!! Sorry to hear your not feeling great....although having just read your blog it sounds like you have been here, there and everywhere so I'm not surprised your feeling a little under the weather!!. Sometimes you need a day of tea and crap tv when your not feeling well (I always ended up watching Jeremy Kyle when I was poorly....OMG did I just say that out loud!!)

Wishing you a speedy recovery

C x

JJ said...

You have been working really hard, but I noticed you missed out the handbag shopping! Was that deliberate?

It's okay though, I won't tell anyone about the handbags if you don't snitch about the wine!


Anonymous said...

No wonder you're knackered! Tea and painting is just what the Doctor orders (or is that Mum?). Same difference, you must need to re-charge your batteries after all that lot.
Looking forward to hearing more about your trip, but not till you've had a good rest.

Take care,
Love Mum xxx

Carol and Chris said...

JJ - OMG, how could I have forgotten to add in the handbag shopping!!! (No it wasn't deliberate!!). I won't mention the wine....or the plant pot :-D

Mum - I much prefer the idea of wine and painting although I have a funny feeling that the two probably wouldn't go too well together!!

C x

Mel said...

Jeez Carol, I think you could have fit in another handful of things at least ;-p! You crazy cat, take a break and do nothing (except paint!) this weekend. You are amazing!

Anonymous said...
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