Monday, 19 May 2008

Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Well, we've made it to 3 years without killing one another :-). We had a very sedate celebration on Wednesday night - since Chris was working on Thursday and I had the CWL we didn't think it was a good idea to go out and paint the town red!! (We went out Sat night instead). We had a bottle of bubbly and opened our pressies - I got Chris a beautiful corkscrew that folds up and goes into a leather holder (3rd anniversary is leather) and a wooden alarm clock. The alarm clock is kinda weird in that the surface of it is completely flat yet when it's plugged in the numbers show on the front.....I have no idea how it works but it looks cool!!! Chris got me a gorgeous wooden alphabet stamp set that I have had my eye on for a while (will be great for doing my cards) and a really soft red leather pencil case.....he even got me a retractable pencil and leads (that's my fav type of pencil for drawing with). Moon bought us a huge bouquet of flowers and cooked an amazing meal for us. It was quiet but lovely!! (Gai liked the red bag!!)

We had decided that instead of buying expensive gifts we would go for a very posh meal and spend the money on doing something together so last night we headed over to Silom to eat at a French Restaurant called Indigo. It had been recommended by a Frenchman so we figured that the food would be good - we were not disappointed!!! The restaurant is down a little side soi off Soi Convent and it's tucked away right at the bottom - it's gorgeous. It's got a magical little garden area decorated with little white twinkly lights where you can sit and eat your meal or you can choose to eat inside in the intimate dining room, with its polished wooden floors, subdued lighting and large windows looking onto the courtyard. We chose inside as it looked like it was going to rain (which it did - in buckets!!).

To start with Chris had the Cheese Soufflé surprise (not sure what the surprise was - perhaps the surprise was that there wasn't one!!) which was light and full of cheesy flavour and I had cream of wild mushroom soup which was just divine!! For main course Chris had Duck breast stuffed with apple and wrapped in parma ham which was served with dauphinoise potatoes and I had Beef Stroganoff which came with pasta. We were both absolutely stuffed but had managed to save a wee space to share a plate of profeterols which were to die for (you know the kind that has the rich dark chocolate sauce that cuts through the sweetness of the dish....yum!!). It was a lovely romantic meal.....awwwww :-)


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary... Lots of love
Mum xx

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary! Your dinner sounded delicious. I'm all in favor of experiences over gifts, too.

JJ said...

Happy belated anniversary, honey.

Hullaballoo said...

happy anniversary guys, what lovely, thoughtful pressies.


DJ Kirkby said...

Happy anniversary, sounds like a lovely celebration. Love the pic of Gai in the red bag.

Lane said...

Oh my word that meal!!! And what a beautiful little restaurant. So glad you had a lovely anniversary. Congratulations on 3 years!

(That clock sounds cool btw and love the splat in the bag:-)

Anonymous said...

ps - Lovely presents, lovely meal, followed by 'cat in a basket', what more could you ask?

Love, Mum xx

Carol and Chris said...

Mum - Thanks :-)

Amy - The dinner was fab and very romantic!!

JJ - Mwaaa....Cheers hon!!

Hullaballoo - Thanks Hullabahoney. Have to say....was rather chuffed with my pressies and Chris reckoned the corkscrew will come in very handy!!

DJ - Gai was hillarious!! The bag wasn't that big and he was totally folded up in it....about two mins after that pic was taken Lugs decided that he was going to try and bite Gai's bum through the bag...much LOLing was done!!

Lane - Thanks Sweetie :-). The meal was stunning and, best of all, not as expensive as we had feared!!

The clock is cool....I had a peer at it this morning and I still can't figure out how it works!!

C x

Carol and Chris said...

Mum - You sneaked in there!! Very thoughtful presents and the meal was fantastic....really beautiful setting!!

C x

The Lehners in France said...

Congratulations to the two of you, how funny you got an alarm clock as well as me! Spooky Dubonette, clock thing going on me thinks. I'm glad you had a great time, I thought the photo of the cat in the carrier bag was a little too close to the comment about the lovely meal though! LOL Debs x

Debs said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary to you both. I loved the soufflee surprise.

小貓咪 said...