Friday, 9 May 2008

Bowling Thai's and St Georges Day

We took Fa, Dawan and Moon bowling - none of them had ever been before (It was going to be ice skating but when we got there Dawan decided he didn't like the look of it so bowling it was!!) and it was an absolute hoot!!!.

When we arrived at the bowling alley we discovered that there was a bowling tournament in progress (which seemed to involved lots of very impressive looking bowling gloves and a very loud woman with a microphone!!) so we were told to come back in an hour. Now, it just so happens that the mall we were in has one of THE best ice-cream shops ever so guess what we did!!! It's great - you choose two flavours of ice cream and a topping and then the server mixes them all together on a frozen bar.....It's very cool (Hahaha sometimes I am just soooo funny!!). Dawan had mango and chocolate (Barf!!!), Fa went for chocolate and strawberry, Chris had cookie dough and chocolate, I had coconut and chocolate and Moon had a spoon so nicked bits from all of us!! OMG it was divine!!

After our ice-cream we headed back up to the bowling alley - this is a picture of all our shoes lined up......can you guess which pair were Chris's? We ended up with two lanes - one for the kids that had barriers along the lane to stop the ball just going down the side and not hitting anything and one for us without the barriers. Talk about laugh!! Dawan, who's only 6, ended up throwing the ball using both hands and then got so excited as it made it's way down to the pins that he couldn't look. He kept covering his eyes with his hands and peaking out to see how he was getting on!! Fa, who is normally a very serious little girl, did really well and was giggling, laughing and jumping up and down (Which was lovely to see!!) and I think Moon was just about as excited as the kids. Every time she hit more than one pin she did this very funny wee dance back to where we were sitting grinning like a loon. It was a great afternoon and really nice to see Moon getting to spend some fun time with her kids since they really don't get much opportunity to do that kind of thing.

In the evening we headed out to the British club to meet up with friends that were celebrating St Georges Day. The celebrations were outside on the lawn and it had been raining quite heavily so by the time we turned up at 7pm the place was like one huge mud bath!! There was nothing else for it - I had to roll up my trousers, take my shoes off and squelch around in my bare feet (Chris had sensible shoes on so didn't have to squelch!!). We timed it well and arrived just as the buffet was being served so we had some really lovely roast beef with potatoes and Yorkshire pudding (Yum!!). Chris then, very sensibly, buggered off inside to watch the footy whilst I stayed outside and endured 'Land of Hope and Glory' being sung along with much flag waving!! (I politely declined the offer of a flag!!). Chris came back and joined us when the football finished and we all stood around chatting and drinking wine - it was a good night.


Amy said...

You're too funny about the shoe photo! Bowling is a serious leirue activity in Thailand, whouldn't you say?

Ice cream is my worst food vice; it sounds like you went to Cold Stone Creamery? Do they have one in BKK?

I'm now off to Wikipedia to see what St Georges Day is all about, being a Yank and all I haven't heard of that holiday.... (Sheepish Grin)

Carol and Chris said...

You mean you could easily tell which shoes were Chris's!! lol.

I didn't used to be a fan till I moved here now I love the stuff!! I think the ice-cream place was called the Cream and Fudge Factory

C x

Anonymous said...

The shoes are great! I'm impressed that they had shoes that would fit Chris. I had visions of him having to squeeze into a smaller size - I've seen the flip-flops!

Love Mum xx

Carol and Chris said...

Mum - It was touch and go....I think he got the largest pair there!!

C x

Lane said...

I love the photos - those little smiling faces:-)

And squelchy feet!

Glad you had fun x

Carol and Chris said...

Oh Lane it really was lovely to see them having so much fun!!

The mud was gross - luke warm and very very squelchy!!!

C x

The Lehners in France said...

The photos of the kids with their huuuge smiles are lovely. It sounds like you had a great day and oh Yorkshire puddings too! I haven't had those for ages ! Debs x

Carol and Chris said...

We had a great day bowling!! (I'm crap at it but still enjoyed myself!!)

Yorkshire puddings are a relatively new discovery for me and I think they are amazing!! The ones at the British Club, I have on good authority, are very very good!!

C x

Debs said...

Love the photos, everyone looks like they're having such fun. Not sure about the mango and chocolate ice-cream flavour though.

DJ Kirkby said...

Sounds like a great night except for the mud between your toes in my book that equals DISGUSTING!!!!!
I want some of that ice cream this instant!

Carol and Chris said...

Debs - The mango and chocolate ice-cream combo tasted just as bad as it sounds!! (Although we went there with friends of ours and one of their kids had bubblegum and mint which was even worse.....not to mention bright pink and green!!)

DJ - It was disgusting.....and I was absolutely covered in it!! My friends little girl refused to walk in it and had to be carried everywhere - if I thought Chris would have carried me I would have done the same!!

C x