Sunday, 16 September 2007

I just had to share this with you

Last night we went out to Cheap Charlies for a drink before grabbing some dinner. We met an American guy called Clayton who comes to Thailand once a year for the big Jewellery fair that's held here. Now......don't ask me how the hell we got onto the topic (he was very interesting....I learned all about fish tongues but won't go into that!!) but he ended up telling us a very funny true story (well we laughed in between eeeuuuwwws)....

The setting is Alabama. All the neighbourhood kids congregate at one house as they always do because the woman who lives there is not just Mom to her two kids but acts as a sort of Mom to all the kids. Their house is the biggest on the street and their garden backs onto the forest - at the house the boys are allowed to play with their catapults, climb trees etc. Well, one morning the Mom spots one of the boys munching away on something - She has lemonade and sandwiches for the kids but has not called them in for lunch yet so she goes over
'Whatcha eating?' she asks
'Dog Chocolate' he responds
'What on earth is Dog Chocolate?' she asks
and the little boy points to the ground where there is a dried up dog poo and says
'Dog Chocolate'

Eeeeeeeuuuuuuwwwwww - apparently that boy is now in his mid 30's is married with kids and works as a fireman and everytime the Mom see's him she points him out to whoever she is standing next to and quietly says 'That's the Dog Chocolate boy'

The truth is stranger than fiction!!!

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