Monday, 17 September 2007

Phuket Plane Crash

A One-Two-Go Passenger jet with 130 people on board has crashed whilst trying to land in bad weather at Phuket Airport. It's reported that 90 people have died and many of the survivors are in hospital. I've just been onto the Bangkok Post website and am very thankful to say that no-one I know was on that plane (I have friends who were heading there this weekend).

Our thoughts go to anyone who has been, or knows someone who has been, affected by this tragedy.


Lane said...

Watched in dismay and immediately thought of you and JJ and your families. Awful.

Carol and Chris said...

It wasn't a nice feeling going to check the names to see if we knew anyone - we were fortunate.

The awful thing is that other people will not have been so lucky...

C xx

Anonymous said...

Our relief is someone else's pain. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their familes too.

Mum & Gran xx