Saturday, 10 November 2007

Quick update on Mum's holiday

On Thursday we decided to have a Sabai day (Sabai in Thai means 'take it easy') so we spent the morning in Siam Paragon Shopping Centre looking at very beautiful Thai crafts. Then grabbed some lunch in Orangery (Photo courtesy of Table for Three Please) - it's great there.....nothing at all like the food courts in the uk......there is one plush eating area which is surrounded by tastefully designed satellite kitchens. The kitchens are run by some of the best restaurants in Bangkok and you are given one menu and you can then choose what food you would like and the waiter will order at each kitchen for you.......perfect if you fancy Thai and your friend wants Indian. (It kind of act's as a showcase for the restaurants and the idea is that having had a taster you will then be tempted to go to the actual restaurant for dinner). We had a fab lunch then headed to Take Care for a manicure and pedicure and then Baan Dalah for a facial and a foot massage. (Mum had a hot herbal ball massage and I had something called Icey Spicey which was a really cold press followed by a chilli one and left my legs feeling all was weird but my tired feet felt fantastic after it!!). It was a beautiful evening so after dinner we opened a bottle of wine, sat out on our balcony and watched the Diwali celebrations.

Yesterday we got up early and headed out to the Erawan Museum. It was one of the few places that Mum really wanted to see so she had made a special request. I knew she would love it and she said the same as me when I went for the first time that it's like something out of a Fairy Tale. (You can read about the Museum Here). We then headed to Agalico for some lunch (another of Mum's special requests) and had a great time watching a wedding photo shoot round the tea room and gardens.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing some shopping and getting ourselves organised for our trip to Chiang Mai.


Lane said...

I soo want an Icey Spicey:-) and that food ..... oh my.
Glad you're having a luverly time with your mum:-)

Jen said...

A herbal 'ball' massage? Crikey, the mind boggles.

That food hall sounds incredible... sigh... sounds as if you're having a terrific time with your wee daft mammy.


Carol and Chris said...

Lane - It was one of the oddest experiences of my life.....REALLY cold followed by REALLY hot.

Jen - They wrap up lots of different herbs in a fabric bag thing, it's then heated up and they use the actual ball bit to massage you.
I love the food hall but a very very bad place to go if your on a diet!!

We're having a lovely time - although I am absolutely knackered!!

C x

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