Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Busy Busy Busy

I can't believe that's it been a week since I last posted!! How the hell did that happen!!

Here's what we've been up to......

We attended a 40th Birthday party. I learned how to make Lychee Vodka and yes, it does require a little more thought than just vodka with a Lychee in it (......although to be fair.....not much more thought!!!) and I discovered that you can buy a snazzy little table top cooker that makes the best pizza ever!! (I'm coveting!!). We should have taken our camera because the views from our friends apartment were absolutely stunning but we didn't so you'll just have to use your imagination!!

We tripped the light fantastic. It was the St Andrew's Ball on Saturday night and Chris and I spent most of the evening on the dance floor - The Gay Gordon's, Strip The Willow....there was no stopping us. (Actually it was fab - it was the first time we have ever danced the old fashioned Scottish Dances together and my enduring memory of the evening was laughing with Chris whilst spinning round on the dance floor). I may be slightly biased but he looked gorgeous in his kilt (and despite putting on a little bit of weight I still managed to fit into my dress......happy days!!)

We visited a fantastic art and photography exhibition. They were unrelated but were in the same shopping mall - the art exhibition was on the ground floor and featured prominent Thai artists and the photography exhibition was on the top floor and was entitled 9 days in Thailand. Apparently photographers from across the globe came to Thailand last year and each one spent 9 days photographing things that interested them. The exhibition is the culmination of their work - it's fantastic and they've put a book together - I think I see a purchase in our future.

Mr Mad Tony is back in the land of smiles so we have spent some time entertaining him!!

I have re-designed the Soi Cat and Dog Rescue shop for Christmas - I think I may have to give up my volunteering there.....every time I go I find something else I want to buy. Last time it was a vase.....this time it was a silk Kimono dressing gown which is the most beautiful shade of pink.....I don't really do pink but this one really suits me (Which is a bit weird cause I thought it would clash with my hair!!). At least my money goes to a good cause if I spend it in that shop :-)

I have sold another four pictures - bringing my grand total to 19 (Wooo hooo!!! There was much happy'll be pleased to hear that I refrained from doing it in public and managed to wait till I got home) AND I've managed to raise about 10,000 baht for charity in the process. Nearly everyone who has bought one has asked for them to be personalised so I've been drawing dogs, toy trucks, adding names and dates.......basically doing all sorts of things. (Keeps me out of mischief I suppose!!)

I'm also sorting out volunteers for three children's parties - There is one in December which is for orphaned kids with hearing problems, one in January for the slum kids (The organisation we work with runs 23 schools so each year one school is selected and we throw a party for them - it's really quite something.....each kid gets their own cuddly toy and for some of them it's the only one they will ever get - can you imagine!!) and the party at Wat Sakeo is early this year so will be held in February.

I'm also trying to arrange a Welfare Trip with Andaman Discoveries to a village which was badly affected by the Tsunami. Andaman have put a fantastic eco-tourism package together and JJ over at Tea Stains has just come back from there - she is now going to use her fantastic writing skills to produce some articles for them in order to help with their publicity.

What else......Oh I've been doing some cake decorating (No, I have not made Jam and will never make Jam before you ask!!). There is a big fair this weekend which is run by the British Chamber of Commerce and the BWG always have a cake stall (Ye Olde Tarts) - I'm not the worlds best baker so have joined forces with my friend Caroline - she's baking and I'm decorating!! I have just made about 10 of these so far

and I wonder why I've not had time to update my blog......


Lane said...

I've got to tell you Carol I feel knackered just reading that:-) You really are a busy girl aren't you!

Hurrah on 19 sold. That's brilliant and good luck on the cake decorating. The charity stuff you do is great:-)

(the dancing sounded fun too)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on selling more pictures. The one you did for me has been greatly admired - I love it!

Mum xx :-))

Carol and Chris said...

Lane - my mission for next year is to have a look at all the stuff I'm doing and cull some of it. I have to say that I'm chuffed to bit's with my sales and I think I may have found someone who is going to be able to teach me to paint!! (Erm....what was I saying about freeing up my time!!)

Mum - Thanks. I'm so so glad you love it.

C x