Friday, 9 February 2007

Ahhh the joy that is good Indian food......

Last Sunday Chris had to go into the office to do some work for a couple of hours. He called when he was done and we arranged to meet in our local boozer for a quick drink before grabbing some dinner. I was just closing the doors to our balcony when I looked at the apartment building across the road and thought 'That looks like our friend Ben' (He has quite distinctive hair) can't be.....Ben and Georgie don't live here!! Then a woman came out onto the balcony and I thought 'and that looks like Georgie!!' so I called them - and discovered that they have moved into the apartment block next to ours. We later timed it (I know, how sad are we!!) and it takes a grand total of 26 seconds to get from one to the other. (Actually we can see into their apartment from our balcony and I had to stop Chris from calling them to say 'What crap is that you are watching on TV?'). Anyway, we agreed that we would meet for dinner on Thursday evening, Georgie has never really sampled the delights of good Indian food, so we decided that we would go the Moghul Room and that we would pre-order our main course - They have a dish called a Goozie Leg which is a leg of lamb that is slow roasted and stuffed with Chicken Biryani which we thought sounded amazing so we went for that.

On Thursday night I got a call from Chris to say that his friend Tony (He is actually now known as Khun Baa Tony - Khun in Thai means Mr/Mrs/Miss and Baa means mad - so he is Mr Mad Tony) had contacted him and would it be OK for him to join us. I didn't think it would be a problem but called Georgie to check 'The more the merrier' was her reply so Chris met up with Tony for a drink prior to dinner and I went over to Ben and Georgie's to have a nosy round their new apartment (It is very cool - they have a bar and everything!! I think I may be developing bar envy). Then we all met up at Cheap Charlies and went over to the Moghul Room.

We ordered way too much food, which was fine because Tony is actually a human hoover (This is Tony doing an impression of Man the Hunter - you can see why he is known as Mr Mad Tony), - we had samosa's, pakora, nan bread, a potato masala doza and our Goozie lamb. It was magic!! Georgie and Ben (See what I mean about Ben having distinctive hair) got on with Tony like a house on fire and we had a brilliant evening - there was a lot of laughter (as you can probably tell from the photo's). Chris looked like his knees were at his ears at one point (the table we were at had incredibly low seats), there was a bit of confusion regarding ashtrays so Georgie was using Ben's hand (Now that's love for you) till an ashtray arrived, Tony went downstairs to go to the loo and ended up in the kitchen by mistake and by the end of the night our table looked like a bomb had hit it. (Georgie is now an Indian convert). After dinner we headed over to Cheap Charlies, had a couple of drinks, then went back to Ben and Georgie's for a night cap and so Chris could see round their apartment - didn't end up getting to bed till after one!!

I had decided, in my infinite wisdom, to invite our friends Louise and Gordon and Belinda and Ian over for dinner on Saturday night. So spent most of Friday chopping and cooking - Ben had gone to Singapore on Friday for a meeting so Georgie had called and invited me over 'You had better come here -I need to keep an eye on my meringues' was my response (Now you don't hear that statement every day!!). Chris went out with Mr Mad Tony and Georgie and I had a lovely girls night in.

It really was a great start to our weekend

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peter_may said...

Mon dieu! All you people seem to do is eat and drink!! How come you actually manage to LOSE weight?