Sunday, 11 February 2007

Dinner Party No. 2

Was fairly organised on Saturday - I had decided that I would make the Lamb Tangine again since it had gone down so well with Jenny and family which was fine till I mentioned this to Louise (I saw her on Thursday) and she informed me that they don't eat lamb.....aaarrrggg. (It turned out that they do eat lamb - they just don't like it when it's really fatty. I figured that since the lamb is cooked for three hours in the tangine there would be no fat - although this didn't stop me from panicking slightly on Saturday). Anyway, I have digressed......ah yes.....fairly organised (See photo of dinner table - Belinda said it looked lovely so I had to admit that i had had to be inventive because i didn't have enough dinner mats for six people) till an hour before everyone was due to arrive and I discovered that I didn't have any couscous (I always have couscous!!) so poor Chris went haring off to see if he could get some (he didn't but it didn't matter in the end).

I was just sitting down to try and get my face back to a normal colour before everyone arrived (It gets bloody hot in that kitchen) when the phone went - the security guards at our gate had directed Gordon and Louise to 8B instead of 8D (Doh!!) so I went down to get them and discovered that Chris had already found them wondering about and was bringing them up in the lift (Gordon said he rang the bell but the people in 8B obviously didn't like the look of them and didn't answer the door - don't blame them one bit :-)). (The photo on the right is Louise and Ian and the one of the left is Gordon and Belinda) Chris jumped into the shower and I had just fixed the drinks when the phone went......yep......Belinda and Ian were outside apartment 8B (They did feel better about this when I told them that Louise and Gordon had done the same thing).

Once we finally got everyone in the right apartment and drinks had been served (Medicinal purposes - they had experienced trauma) we had a great time. The food went down well - as well as the Tangine I had made Chicken Kebabs, potato salad, and a green salad and I served it all with warmed pitta bread (I can't tell you how relieved I was when Gordon said he liked the tangine). We followed that with Rose Ice Sorbet and then had the meringues with raspberries and blueberries. I think the highlight of the evening was when Gordon managed to spill his drink all over

his crotch (I think these photo's are hilarious - sorry Gordon but it had to be done!!).

It was another boozy evening (as you can tell) and there were some very funny stories told about ugly farang katoys (Foreign Ladyboys - The Thai Katoys get away with it (not always but most of the time)......farangs just look like blokes in dresses and trust me - that is not a good look!!) and about life in Bangkok........I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Everyone headed home about midnight and I got a text from Louise that night to say they had really enjoyed themselves and one from Belinda this morning to say that she had lost her voice and that Ian was thrilled!!


peter_may said...

You could win awards for the pic with the hairdryer. Only trouble is, you might get arrested!!

Anonymous said...

Gordon doesn't look too upset! These pictures (and you know which ones you are) warrant a caption competition - Katwoman