Monday, 12 February 2007

A Grand Day Out

Chris and I woke up surprisingly early this morning so headed out to get some brunch in the Dubliner. (The Dubliner is our local Irish pub - it does fantastic breakfasts and it's Sunday Roasts aren't bad either Then we headed down to Siam Paragon to see what was on at the cinema - (Got very excited.....the 2nd part of King Naresuan is coming out this month) we ended up booking tickets to see the Chinese film 'Curse of the Golden Flower' (Nearly ended up going to see one that didn't have English subtitles.....that would have been fun!!!) so the film didn't actually start till 4pm. What the hell were we going to do till 4pm.....go to Siam Ocean World.

I did laugh when we got there to discover two scantily clad women dressed as mermaids - truly there is something there for everyone!! We had a great time wondering around - I got Chris to pose next to Ronald McDonald (Doesn't he look happy to be there!!). We went on the glass bottomed boat trip where I was given a prawn to feed to the fish - Brain of Britain here didn't throw it far enough from the boat so not only did Chris and I get a mouthful of sea water so did the little girl and her Dad who were sitting opposite us (I just know that they were looking at me thinking 'Stupid Farang' and to be fair......they had a point!!). Chris and I both really enjoyed the trip - we could actually wave through the bottom of the boat to the people that were walking along the glass tunnel underneath us (which had a little Thai girl ridiculously excited as she bounced up and down whilst waving like a lunatic).

After the boat trip we headed down to the next section where Chris not only got to touch the Star Fish (He agreed it was like touching a rock) but he got to touch a snake as well. It was just after he had done this that he spotted this little about causing trauma to your Child....who thought that a headless child fishing was a good idea!! We also managed to get some good photo's of the various strange sea creatures (and Chris)

The film was good - we didn't go to the really posh one this time but still had good seats with lots of leg room. It was set in the Forbidden Palace and was a tale of love, betrayal, murder and mutiny - and had lots of bloody battle scenes which kept Chris happy (and I think the fact that the costumes made all the women's dumplings boil over didn't hurt either). I do find it strange that there isn't a movie rating system here so when we went in we noticed that there were two kids sitting a couple of rows in front of us with their parents. It was quite a gruesome movie - if I had watched that at their age it would have given me the screaming ab dabs.

After the film we went and met up with Mr Mad Tony for a quick drink (No, he is not an alcoholic.....he lost his cash card, and the rate of exchange on his credit card was criminal, so he transferred money into Chris's account) then went to Charlie Browns for some Mexican food.


steve said...

Sounds like a real fun day out Carol. Not surprised your husband wasnt too chuffed about having his pic taken with Ronnie Mc Donnie. Id like to visit the Dubliner time to time, but due to my stinginess disease i'll continue enjoy my Beer Changs at 7-11.

Keep up the good work.


peter_may said...

Which one was Ronald McDonald again?

Janice said...

Certainly looked like a case of twins, separated at birth to me!

Anonymous said...

I knew Chris was the Creature from the Black Lagoon!!!

Anonymous said...

p.s. Password problems - so just now, I'm anonymous - Not!