Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Groundhog Day and the arrival of the Inlaws

I had a strange feeling of Deja Vu when the alarm when off this morning and I was getting myself ready to go to the airport. The fact that Chris said 'I haven't heard anything from them. They were supposed to phone me from Dubai to let me know that they had got there OK.' as he was leaving didn't help - he had said exactly the same thing yesterday morning!! So it was with fear and trepidation that I got into another taxi and headed over to the airport (Seriously, being in stuck in a Groundhog Day that features Suvarnabhumi Airport is not my idea of a good day).

Anyway, got to the airport, had something to nibble (I didn't have time for breakfast), located the gate, and, with elbows at the ready, managed to get myself into a position from where not only could I see the gate but people coming out of the gate could see me (It was a minor miracle). I have to admit it - I was ridiculously excited and was thrilled when I saw them emerge from the gate safe and sound!! Margaret spotted me immediately (I was waving like a loony) and waved and I could tell that she had said something along the lines of 'Oh, there she is' to which Sadie must have replied 'Where?' because all I could see was her looking around frantically trying to spot me. It was great to see them and there were big hugs all round once they had made it past the hoards of taxi touts and I had elbowed my way past everyone that was still waiting to meet and greet passengers.

When we arrived at the apartment Moon had prepared a lunch for us all so I showed them their rooms so they could dump their stuff, gave them a tour of the apartment and then we sat down and munched. Chris managed to finish work at a reasonable time and when he got home we opened a bottle of bubbly and we gave them their Christmas Presents. It was lovely - they had pressys from Margaret and Jim with them so it actually felt a bit like Christmas as we sat here, with the air con blasting, unwrapping gifts (Margaret and Jim - the earrings are absolutely beautiful - I wore them that evening when we went out for dinner and Chris has been wearing his watch ever since he got it). Sadie and Margaret liked everything we had bought them (and made for them) and once the bubbly was finished (ok, and the other bottle of wine we had opened) we then headed out to Cabbages and Condoms where we spent a lovely evening catching up on all the gossip.

A good start to the holiday!!

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