Saturday, 24 February 2007

I think it's time for some Culture

I got a phone call from Khun Dao to say that she had bought three different lots of fabric and would Sadie come in and pick the colours she liked best so we started our morning back at the Tailors discussing fabric's. The decision was made and we spent the rest of the morning relaxing with a cuppa (or three) at Jenny's apartment (She lives about....oohhh....two mins walk from the, you would have been rude not to!!). It was lovely - Sadie and Margaret got to meet Robin and Hattie (It was half term) and her husband David (who had the day off work but was actually working so it was a very quick Hi and Bye). Hattie and I spent the time fighting with her counted cross stitch - It's a sad day when a bit of fabric and some thread can confuse the bejesus out of a 31 year old woman and a 10 year old girl. The two colours she is using are so similar that it was really difficult to see where she was on the pattern.....i am happy to say that, between the two of us, the fight was won and she is now back up and running.

We got a cab from Jen's over to Jim Thompson's House and had an absolutely fantastic lunch at the restaurant there. We decided that we would share some starters - we had chicken spring rolls, spicy crispy pork and prawns with flowers wrapped in batter followed by Roast Chicken Salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing (for me) and Chicken with Cashew nuts with steamed rice for Sadie and Margaret. Sadie and I ended up with the giggles.....we couldn't help overhearing the conversation between the couple of American Business men sitting next to us - one of them was telling the other that their son had bought them the best present which was a clock that counts down the time till George Bush is out of office (I nearly asked him where his son got it - there are a few people i can think of that would appreciate one!!). After lunch we went on the tour of the house (See the posting 'Adventures of Tomato in Thailand - The Sights and Sounds of Bangkok' for more information) - It is so beautiful that I don't think I will ever get fed up visiting the place. (Tom - I'll see your yogic flying and raise you!! What do you think of my levitating?)

Later that evening when Chris got home from work we headed out to Cheap Charlies for a couple of drinks (only water for me.....sigh) and then over to Charlie Brown's for some (non-spicy) Mexican food. It was a lovely night and really nice for Sadie and Margaret to see some of Chris who has been working his butt off since they arrived - not helped by the fact that he had to take a day off when I went into hospital (I did tell him to go in but he told me I was more important....Ahhh, I knew there was a reason I loved him!!). Chris, the manager of Charlie Browns, suggested that we take Sadie and Margaret to a club in Nana Plaza (Which is one of the seedier parts of Bangkok) that features a bucking bronco - maybe another night........

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Is that Chris watching you levitate higher? Luv KatWoman