Friday, 21 December 2007

Christmas Gai

When we first got Gai the splat our friends Claire and Rodger took care of him for the two weeks that we were visiting you lot in the UK. She told me that she had thought he was so cute (and it really was such a miracle he survived having been found at only a day old) that she had taken some pictures which she thought she might use at Christmas.

She sent me this cute is he in that picture


Anonymous said...

Aaaawwwww! What a wee sweetheart! That was soooo kind. You can see how far he has come since then.

Mum xxx

Carol and Chris said...

Yeeessss - he's now a food filled splatty pus

C x

Lane said...

oooooh that's so gorgeous. What a fantastic picture of the little chap.

And I do hope the 'splatty pus' has cleared up:-)

Caroline said...

Awwwwww indeed.
Merry Christmas to you all (and to your mum because her comments to you always make me smile)

SpiralSkies said...

Oh my goodness, he's almost too cute to be true!

(I love it too that your mum posts comments here. I sort of feel 'part of the family'. Gawd. Have clearly gone all schmaltzy.)


Carol and Chris said...

Lane - He looks sooo sweet but I bet in reality he was trying to bite it's nose!!

Caroline - Merry Christmas to you and yours :-) I hope you have a great day. (My Mum will be chuffed to bits you've said that!!)

Jen - LOL (He's not in real life let me tell you....he does the worst silent but violent farts and then looks accusingly at me!!)

I know what you mean about being 'part of the family' - I feel like that when I read comments your sister has made on your blog.

(as for the schmaltzy.....Christmas does that to you....don't goes away!! :-D)

C x

Dave said...

Cute! :-)

Have yourself a grest holiday season! :-)

Carol and Chris said...

You too Dave.

C x

Anonymous said...

Carol's right, I am chuffed to bits.

Spiralskies - welcome to the family.

Have a great Christmas everybody.

Katrina (Carol's Mum) xxx