Tuesday, 11 December 2007

A wee bit on the crap side......

Sorry people - I've been really crap at posting recently.

I've been really busy.......... and then....... I've got so much to blog about that it all gets a bit overwhelming!!

So for those of you sending e-mails asking if I have died the answer is 'No, I'm alive and kicking just being a bit crap'.

Please bare with me whilst I get my butt in gear (back dated posts here we come!!)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is better to live than write about it...:)


Or in your case draw about it too!

Carol and Chris said...

Thanks honey - sometimes it just gets a bit much and I'm left staring at the monitor going 'aaarrrrggggg'

C x

Lane said...

Sorry you're on the crap side but glad you're not dead.

There are days to blog and days .....just not to. Take it easy m'dear:-)

Carol and Chris said...

Cheers Lane - as I said, it all sometimes feels a bit daunting. I will be updating about our weekend away either later today or tomorrow and I've got some fab photo's to post!!

C x

Caroline said...

You. Are. Too. Hard. On. Yourself.


And I agree with Jo ... live and don't be worrying about blogging. Whereas I blog and am a worrying about living.


Carol and Chris said...

I know - I can't help it!!

Your blog is fab Caroline (i am very glad you blog!!) and, from the sounds of it, your doing a pretty good job of living too!!

(although your Simon Cowell fascination is beyond me!!)

C x

Mel said...

I know just how you feel. It's my catch up on comments day today if you haven't noticed ;-D

Carol and Chris said...

Mel - Phew....I'm glad it's not just me that feels like that!!!

(I did wonder if that's what you were doing :-D.)

C x

Amy said...

No worries, Carol. I do miss reading about your adventures in the LOS, but I completely understand as I've been behind in blogging as well. I like what your first anonymous commenter said.

Carol and Chris said...

Amy - As you can tell it was none of you guys that were sending me the e-mails!!

(you know who you are!!)

C x