Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Me Me

This is the first time I have ever done a 'Me Me' on this blog but there is one doing the rounds at the moment and I just couldn't resist doing my own version. The 'Me Me' is

If Your Life Were a Movie…What Would the Soundtrack Be?

Here are the rules -
1. Open your library (iTunes, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool…because you’re not!
7. Stick the soundtrack on your mp3 player or ipod and listen away during the day.

I love this idea (I always have my ipod on shuffle cause I love the random mix of things you end up listening to) and I've really enjoyed reading everyone else's answers on this. It's quite amazing what you can learn about people from the type of music they like to listen to....anyway, here goes

Opening Credits - 'House Of Fun' by Madness from the album It's Madness.
Waking Up -
'I'm Not Dead' by Pink from the album I'm Not Dead.
First Day at School - 'Caught by the Fuzz' by Supergrass from the album Hot Fuzz Original Soundtrack.
Falling in Love - 'Time to Waste' by Alkaline Trio from the album Crimson
Fight Song - 'Personal Jesus' by Johnny Cash from the album Cash
Breaking Up - 'Don't Give Hate a Chance' by Jamiroquai from the album High Times
Prom/Dance/Ball - 'Big Me' by the Foo Fighters from the album Skin and Bones.
Life's OK - 'Lola' by the Kinks from the album The Singles Collection. (LOL!!!)
Mental Breakdown - 'In These Shoes' by Kirsty MacColl from the album The Best of Kirsty MacColl (Yay.....a song about shoes!!)
Flashback -
'Every You Every Me' by Placebo from the album Once more with feeling
Getting Back Together - 'Secret' by Maroon 5 from the album Songs about Jane.
Birth of Child - 'No-one knows' by Queen's of the Stone Age from the album Songs for the Deaf
Wedding - 'Can't lose' by We are Scientists from the album With Love and Squalor
Final Battle - 'Better Luck' by Scissor Sisters from the album Scissor Sisters
Funeral Song - 'Can I change your mind' by the Killers from the album Killers (LOL!!)
End Credits - 'If I had a million dollars' by Bare Naked Ladies from the album Gordon

So, there you have it - that would be the soundtrack to my life. (Thank god nothing too dodgy came out....well....apart from the Bare Naked Ladies track - but if you click on the link the video is very funny!!!! Does that make up for it?)


Anonymous said...

Awww Carol and Chris, thanks for stopping by, I am glad you enjoy my blog.

I love your meme and the fact that you always have your ipod on shuffle too lol.


JJ said...

Carol, I laughed at Madness! Yes, that sets the tone. I can't do this meme because it would say Magnetic Fields,Magnetic Fields, Magnetic Fields, Johnny Cash, Magnetic Fields, Magnetic Fields,Magnetic Fields, The Eels, Magnetic Fields, Magnetic Fields and that would so not be cool.

SpiralSkies said...

You shuffle? REALLY?? *Gulps*

Ooh, I love Maroon 5 and the Barenaked Ladies. I listen to them on the way to orchestra. It kind of tickles me to listen to a band with that name on the drive to play Haydn and whatnot. Great harmonies.

But Madness... ugh... School disco, House of Fun repeated 200 times. I rest my case.

Brilliant seeing what people have in their collections though, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Good mix of stuff, and nothing too dodgy. Love the song about shoes! I just might have to go out and get that album now.
Love Mum xx

Anonymous said...

oopsy here's mine those who know me will have no surprises and I just had to share

opening credits KT Tunstall Black Horse and the Cherry tree - Eyes to the telescope

Waking up- Gwen Stefani This love is serious her first album, what do I care. I can hardly remember the titles.

First day at school - Christinna Aguilerra-
it's Impossible - Stripped. Yes you'll see her again

Falling in love - Dianna Krall-
I've changed my address- The Girl in the next room

Fight Song- Dinah Washington- He's My Guy- The best of the roulette years

Breaking Up- KD Lang- The Last time i saw Richard - Songs from the 36 Parallel

Prom/Dance/Ball - KD Lang- Helpless- Same album as before

Lifes Ok- Cristina Ag- Dirty- Stripped

Mental Breakdown- Placebo-Daddy Cool- Bonus Album; honest Carol knows it

Flashback- Madonna- Substitute for Love- Ray of light

Getting Back Together- Dinah Washington-
let Me be the first to know- Best of the roulette years, and deeply ironic if you know the song

Birth of a Child- Dinah Washington (yes I got distracted)- Baby wont you please come home- same album; kid you not

Wedding- Rufus Wainwright - Oh what a world- Want One

Final Battle- Cardigans- Long Gone Before Daylight- album name escapes me

Funeral Song- Cardigans- Your losing a friend- Super Heavy Gravity I think

Final Credits Nina Simone-Breaks Just like a Woman- After Dark

And what a strange insight into my world that is


Carol and Chris said...

Hullaballoo - Your welcome!! I love Ipod shuffle....the downside is that I now really struggle to listen to an album all the way through!!

JJ - Yeah, I laughed at Madness too - strangely appropriate eh!! I really am going to have to listen to Magnetic Fields - you mention them so often I will have to go and hunt them down.

Spiral - hahahah I love that you listen to Barenaked Ladies songs on the way to Orchestra!! I'm now going to think of that every time I hear one of their tracks.

I wish we'd had madness at our school disco's (That was waaaay to cool for us!!) we had things like Rod Stewart!! (I don't think I've ever quite recovered!!)

Love seeing what everyone listens to!!

Mum - I love shoes so it's not that surprising that there was a song about shoes in there. (Actually I have about four or five songs about shoes!!)

Tomato - Oh dear lord this made me laugh!! It's very you.....although was slightly disapointed that there was no Kylie or Grace Jones!! Oh, and I do know that Placebo track :-)

C x

Lane said...

What a mix you have there Ms C. Am very pleased to see a Kinks track too:-)

Used to think Suggs was very cool but now he does Bird's Eye Chicken Nuggets adverts (or something like that). Sooo disappointing:-)

SueG said...

Jamiroquai, Foo Fighters, Bare Naked Ladies....hey -- you ARE cool! :-)

Carol and Chris said...

Lane - I love the Kinks....Sunny Afternoon must be one of my all time fav's!! (Did laugh when Lola popped up!!).

Yeah, I went off Suggs when he did that ridiculous singing programme on Channel 5 (See, it was so bad I have blocked the name from my mind!!)

SueG - Yay....Someone thinks I'm cool!!!

whispers *I'm not really!! I just like kinda cool music :-)*

C x

Leigh said...

Hehe, I did a MeMe, so funny for me to do things like this but I had to see what my soundtrack would be.

Your Gallery space in SL is looking great hun, so many wonderful comments from people just wondering in, just wish they would buy something from one of us :) See u soon.


Carol and Chris said...

Leigh - I've just been over to the blog to see how yours turned out....we have some of the same music :-)

Ooohhh am all excited that people are saying good things!! I am so thrilled with the gallery I can't begin to tell you. I showed Chris last night when he got home from work and he was very impressed :-). I'll be blogging about it in a day or two.

C x

Anonymous said...