Wednesday, 2 April 2008

It's too hot!!

We are now officially in the hot season (actually that should be HOT season) - It's a stonking 34 degrees today with 57% humidity and it's not about to get any cooler!!

It is too hot to write (If Chris were here he would probably tell me that it's too hot to read the nonsense that I write) and it's waaaay to hot to think. (We currently have a power cut so have no air computer has batteries and I'm hijacking my friends wireless network!!).

Anyway, the BWG are hosting this years CWL (Combined Women's Lunch) and it's got a James Bond theme.....I've just been told that, since I am on the committee, I need to dress up *Sigh*. It's too hot - I can't think any more......What the hell am I going to wear? (I need some inspired suggestions!!)

This is the poster that JJ and I put together for the lunch - I'm hoping that it might give you some ideas (cause I'm seriously struggling!!)



Anonymous said...

The poster is great I love it.
Suggestions as to what to wear: if its that hot - the Ursula Andress bikini (please dont hit me), alternatively Solitaire from live and let die had the 70s frocks and Tarot Cards or if you really want to cover up you could go for the Grace Jones character when she leaps off the Eiffel Tower.... Or give one of the splats white fluffy extensions and go as the bad guy - though you'd have to shave your head, so perhaps not.

Please note no avatars were harmed or referred to in the making of this comment...heh heh heh! (my best Bond villain laugh)

Jo - who would probably go as Odd Job

DJ Kirkby said...

Wear your appetite?! Perhaps a table cloth cleverly wrapped round you and a serviette close to hand? Go as a refridgerator? Oh...what...a Bond themed fancy dress? about wearing a bikini and a sarong?

Janice said...

I got sidetracked from thinking about your possible costume because my head began to fill with visions of these "combined women"(!) who will be going to the lunch...

You know, your dad's been going on about the dangers of genetic modification for years...

SpiralSkies said...

Ugh, I turn into a geriatric lettuce in the heat, all wilting and pale.

Fabulous poster... I can't imagine dressing up at all in that heat. Um... go as a piranha and spend the party in a tank of cold water with tasty morsels being thrown in at you?

Anonymous said...

Love the poster. As for a costume, think Bond women, think catsuits or bikinis (with or without a snorkel).
I like the sound of Jo's floaty frocks and tarot cards. You could always do readings on the side for extra funds.

Love Mum xx

Carol and Chris said...

Jo - an Ursula Andress bikini???.....I wouldn't inflict that on anyone!!

I did wonder about going as the bad guy and taking Gai along since he's big and fluffy but I don't think that's such a good idea (and I don't think bald would be a very good look for me!!)

DJ - Oh if only I had a figure that would look good in a bikini!!

Jan - LOL. I kinda like the idea of a combined women......she's got thighs that could crack walnuts - I'll have them and she's got great hair I'll have that too!!

The truth is nowhere near that exciting - women from all the different groups get together and it's known as the combined women's lunch.

Jen - Love the idea of going as a piranha....not sure I can do it but love the idea!!

Mum - Catsuits and fat bellies are not a good combination!!

C x

Anonymous said...

That poster is brill. I think you should continue the Bond theme and go in a tux. The names Bond Jane Bond.

Either that or JJ can dress up as a teabag and go as Basildon Bond You can be her sidekick Sugar Spoon


Carol and Chris said...

Tomato - LOL at Basildon Bond.....I'm going to suggest that to her!!!

C x

Anonymous said...

Carol, what a great blog and I love the James Bond poster. I am glad I popped over for a visit.

What made you decide to begin a new life in Thailand?

Warmly, (but not as hot as in Thailand here in Scotland) Hullaballoo.

Leigh said...

LOL, Carol some of the Bond woman have been in scenes with sheets just rapped around them. Mess up your hair, grab a silk sheet and look like a Bond girl thats just had a lot of fun :)
The poster is awesome, nicely done.

Carol and Chris said...

Hullaballoo - Welcome!! (I've just popped over to your blog for a's fab!!). Glad you like the poster :-)

Chris was offered a job here - we talked about it and decided that it was such a great opportunity that we had to come and give it a go!! We're lucky that we both love it here but at the time we felt that we would rather come here hate it and go home again than not come at all!!

Yikes - we've just decided that we're probably going to come back for a visit in September....I have not forgotten how bloody cold Scotland is in September!! (I think I may struggle to get jumpers here!!)

Leigh - Thanks hon. I did laugh out loud when I read your suggestion. I think it's a great idea!!

C x

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