Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Gran you would have been so proud!!!

I spent eight hours last Tuesday with my friend Jane working on a Power Point Presentation for the Queen's Birthday coffee morning!! We got photo's of the Queen from when she was a wee lass to now and put them together in a kind of celebration of her life (I'm not too sure how I ended up doing it since I'm not a huge fan but hey ho!!). The coffee was on Thursday last week and the apartment it was being held in was all decorated in red, white and blue - it looked great!! About 60 ladies turned up and we used a projector to put the presentation on one of the walls so that everyone could see. It went down a storm and we actually had people asking if they could buy a copy of it so I think we will probably sell some and try and make a bit more money for the welfare pot!!

Leanne from Operation Smile came along and we presented her with a cheque for......wait for it.....500,000 baht!! That's how much we raised from the Combined Women's Lunch....isn't that fab!!! To do one operation costs roughly 10,000 baht (The doctors give their time for free so the costs are the medication, the hospital stay, speech therapy etc) so that money will enable 500 kids to have a new start in life....a job well done I think!!

Since it was the Queen's Birthday coffee there was also Pimms and all got a bit messy in the end and Jane ended up back here singing Karaoke with me!!!


Anonymous said...

So is this we're still part of the Empire or the Thai reverence for their King rubbing off on you guys? (Most likely just an excuse for a get together me thinks)

Lehners in France said...

How amazing to change the lives of so many children, you must be very proud of your achievements. Debs x

SueG said...

Funny the things we do when we're away from "home", things we would never think of doing back in the old country. Sounds like good fun, though, and for a great cause. Well done! Btw, did you once say you have family in Manchester? I'll be at the Borders in Manchester Fort Shopping Park form 12-1.30 on saturday if you think anyone might be interested....

JJ said...

I don't think I ever knew when the Q's birthday was before I came here!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! They must have been delighted to receive such a BIG cheque.

Yes, your Gran will be very proud, and surprised! Nearly as surprised as you were when you found her watching Sharon Osborne instead of the Queen's speech on Christmas Day!

Love Mum xx

Blossomcottage said...

I love the Queens birthday,( I think you must be abigge fan than you admit to its better than having a George Bush on the throne!)
My lovely friend Lesleys (who is no longer with us)son carried the colours about 10 years ago for the Irish Guards, I was so proud I have known him since he was a little boy, I must admit I cried!! he also rode the wonderful grey charger at Prince Harry's passing out parade. Good for you for raising so much.

Debs said...

Well done for raising so much. You must be so thrilled to be able to help so many children.

The Pimms sounds tasty too.


Carol and Chris said...

Jo - It was most definately an excuse to get together....I got lunch AND wine out of putting the presentation together!!! (Why else would I spend time putting together a presentation about the Queen??)

Lehners - It's just brilliant that we are able to help. It's such a worthy cause!!! (I need to learn to say no....I've agreed to go on their executive committee for Thailand!!)

Sue - I know...but I was bribed with lunch and wine!! I do have some friends in Manchester and I have already e-mailed them to let them know that you are going to be there. I was wanting to know if you were planning any Scottish dates???

JJ - I had no idea when her birthday was....still not entirely sure what date it is but hey, I now know it's in June :-)

Mum - They were thrilled to get such a big cheque and I got a lovely thank you letter from them the other day.

I'll donate some money to welfare and I'll make her a copy. Think Bill would want one too?

BlossomCottage - Welcome :-). I have to say that yes, having the Queen is waaaaay better than having Georgie boy!!

It really must have been something special to see your friends son carrying the colours and riding out at the parade. Memories like that are priceless!!

Debs - We were thrilled that we raised so much....we didn't expect to!! Erm, Yes....the pimms was rather too good I'm afraid....hence the karaoke!!

Everyone - I have to say that I am rather amazed that no-one made any comments about the wee fellow in the kilt sitting next to the Queen....go look again at the pic :-D

C x

Lane said...

Well done on raising so much!

You deserved a few Pimms and a bit of Karaoke after all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

I did notice the wee chap beside the Queen. Look rather pleased with himself as well.

And yes, I'm sure Bill would like a copy of your presentation (with or without the aforementioned photo).

Love Mum xx

Carol and Chris said...

Lane - Hehehe....I think that's easier to say when you don't actually have to listen to us!!

Mum - We couldn't resist putting that picture in...every time we looked at it we got the giggles :-). (It's in the presentation so Bill will get his with said photo!!)

C x

Mel said...

How fantabulous raising so much money! Great effort :-) I see why you've been so busy!

Carol and Chris said...

Mel - It's all worth it in the end!!

C x