Sunday, 15 June 2008

Mini Me - Check up

Before I tell you my wee story I just want to let you know that I'm fine - Mini Me is still there but is no bigger :-).

Now, when I was first diagnosed with Mini Me my Doc told me that, due to the amount of blood vessels going to her, she had the capacity to my mind that meant that the nature of the tumour could change aka the cells could become cancerous at some point in the future. So every time I go for a check up I find them incredibly stressful - I keep waiting for them to say that she has become cancerous!! Chris and I talked about it and we decided that we would discuss with my Doctor the possibility of just having her taken out. I am so so so glad we made that decision.....after my check up we got to meet with the specialist liver surgeon of the hospital (I amazing is that!!) who told me that I could have her out if I really really wanted to but that the type of tumour she is means that she will probably not grow significantly in the next 20 years and that there is no way she will ever turn cancerous!!! When the other Doc said capacity to change what he meant was capacity to get bigger......ah the subtleties of language!!


SpiralSkies said...

Gosh, what completely brilliant news. Fab that you can stop thinking about it now. Phew, eh?

Debs said...

How wonderful that you've had your mind put at rest now. What a ghastly thing to have had at the back of your mind for so long though.


Mel said...

What a relief! So great to be able to stop worrying about it now then!x

Lane said...

So glad to hear that Carol.
Great news! x

Tam said...

That must be a relief - how awful to be dreading the news that the "change" has happened.

Hope you're celebrating in one form or another?

Carol and Chris said...

Spiral Jen - It's great news isn't it!! Phew indeed!!!

Debs - I know....I can now go for my next check up and be reasonably relaxed about it :-)

Mel - I can't begin to tell you what a relief it was when he told me that....Chris and I just looked at one another and grinned like looneys!!

Lane - Thanks hon....I have to say that I am chuffed to bits!!

Tam - Welcome to the blog and thanks for your kind comment :-). I was very relieved and yes, we went out and got a really nice bottle of wine to celebrate!!

C x

Leigh said...

Oh wow, glad you r ok, but i bet it scared the poo's out everyone, stay well hun.

Haven't seen you in SL lately :( but then I have been busy too.

I gather the award you have for me is the Funny Lady award, if so, hehe, funny :)

Will get to my blog in the near future, I have a new SL build that you would like, a cave, big enough to get lost in, lol.

love to you both and hope to see you soon, xxx.


Anonymous said...

Just read this, big hugs to you, Carol. I am so pleased it has turned out well for you.


DJ Kirkby said...

Oh how very interesting! Love the pictures made everything you wrote completly clear and understandable. You know it is Chopper's appointment with the gastroenterologist this evening? Don't think we will find out much as it is only his first but it has been a long 13 week wait for this, esp 'cos he was referred as an urgent case! Hope the worst he has is a mini him...

SueG said...

What terrific news! I'm so happy for you. Phew, indeed!!!! xo

Carol and Chris said...

Leigh - I've not been in SL recently cause I was having real was taking ages to rez and then I couldn't get Iona to move at all!! I tried the other day at my Dad's insistence and everything was fine....seems it's all sorted out now (whatever it was!!). I've been working on some art stuff recently but hopefully will see you soon.....cave sounds interesting!!!

Thanks Hullabahoney!!! I'm rather relieved :-)

DJ - I was a bit stunned the first time they produced all the pics and showed me exactly where Mini Me is!! I knew it was Choppers appointment last night and have been wondering all day how he got keep us posted!!

Sue - Thanks honey :-). I am definately a wee happy camper!!

C x

Amy said...

Carol, what a relief that you're OK. You're doctor sounded awesome and now you can put this behind you. :)

Carol and Chris said...

Amy - My Doc was absolutely brilliant!! He answered all my stupid questions and didn't rush us though it all :-).

C x