Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Two Lovely Surprises

Every month the entire BWG Committee get together to discuss the events of the past month and to organise events for the upcoming months. Everyone has their proper job to report on but we all pitch in and help out doing all sorts of things. JJ and I are the unofficial weird artistic types and in that capacity are usually asked to put together posters, powerpoint presentations, do the writing on very large cheques (Physically large).....basically anything that involves being weird and arty. (JJ is the weird one......what do you mean you couldn't tell??).

Well, after the main Committee meeting, we were presented with these - Julie and Louise had the posters we put together for the last two big events framed and the logo that we designed for the BWG embroidered onto a towel. It was such a nice surprise - neither of us had any clue that this had been planned. I am ridiculously pleased with them - Thanks guys!!


And then I came onto the blog and discovered that I had been given a Beautiful Heart award by the lovely Debs from The Lehners in France. If you've not visited her blog then I think you should....she is a very funny lady and her posts regularly make me laugh out loud!!

I would like to pass this award onto everyone in my 'I read these' section......there is a good reason that I read those blogs and I think every single one of their writers has a beautiful heart!!


Debs said...

What a lovely idea and how thoughful to frame those gorgeous posters. No wonder you were trilled, they're lovely.

Thank you so much for my award, I love it.


Carol and Chris said...

Debs - It was lovely of them wasn't it!! I would never in a million years have thought of having them framed and they look all I need to do is bully Chris into putting them up for me (The walls in our apartment are completely solid and I just don't have the strength needed to get the nails in the wall)

Your welcome :-)

C x

JJ said...

Well, Carol, I have to say when I got the email saying there was an award for me on yours ... I decided it could only be the 'f***wit friend' award. Won, quite clearly, because I'd wangled an invitation to lunch in order to tell you/ask you something important, only to then totally forgot what it was.

I'm glad to see it wasn't a FWF award. I might be horribly forgetful, but it's lovely that you still think I've got a lovely heart. Thank you.

Carol and Chris said...

JJ - LOL at 'f***wit friend' award...I might just have to create one especially for you :-). You do have a Beautiful Heart even if you have a slightly bewildered mind!! I take it you've still not remembered what it was.....

C x

Ps. Am still giggling about earlier!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, that is very kind of you. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed after a morning of intensive estate agents' sales pitches, so an award is just the thing to lift my mood. Oh, and a massage.

SueG said...

Thanks, Carol -- coming right back at ya'.

Anonymous said...

The the posters (you did make a good job of them) and towel look great, don't they? How kind of everyone.
Come to think of it, embroidered hand towels with the logo on them could sell rather well on your BWG stalls - or are there plans to do that already?

Love Mum xx

DJ Kirkby said...

Awwww thank you! I am thrilled enough that I am on your blog roll but the award is fab and I will do a post about it on Sunday. MWAH!

DJ Kirkby said...

P.S. I love the shoe 'walk this way' poster!

Lane said...

The posters are lovely... as is he towel!

Thank you for the award. Muchly appreciated!:-) x

Carol and Chris said...

Hullaballoo - I'm not a fan of Estate Agents.....they very rarely tell you the truth and usually try and pass of a cupboard as cozy so I feel for you having a whole morning of them!!! Glad the award cheered you up :-)

Sue - Mmmwwwa. Thanks hon!!

Mum - The towel is already being coveted by other committee members and anyone who is doing anything above and beyond their role is now being teased that they are only doing it cause they want a towel!!

DJ - You are very very welcome and a very worthy recipient!!

Glad you like the shoe :-)

Lane - You are very welcome lovely lady!!

C x

Caroline said...

Thank you for the award - mwaaaaaaaaaah.


Carol and Chris said...

Caroline - Your very welcome honey!!

C x