Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Lovely Birthday

I had a really lovely birthday!! (And we're going out for a posh meal on Saturday so the celebrating hasn't stopped yet!!!).

Chris woke me up with a cup of tea and then made us both scrambled egg on toast for brunch which we had with champagne (Ooohhh...we are naughty!!) and then I got to open my pressies. I knew there was a good reason that I married him......I wanted to buy something special with the money that I earned from my first proper commission and had decided that a nice piece of furniture (Chinese or Thai style) would be a lovely thing to get. I'd not had time to start looking so for my birthday he decided to add to my budget so that I could get something really spectacular.......and then he bought me a couple of pressies so that I had something to open on the day!! He is a rather wonderful husband but don't tell him I said that cause he'll get all big headed!!! I got this stunning necklace and matching bracelet (aren't they fab!!!) and a pack of watercolour pencils as a wee extra because I had been going on about them!!!

After our brunch we jumped in a taxi and headed along to a furniture shop called Kalae which I've heard loads about it but have never visited ( can so tell it was my birthday can't know how much Chris loves shopping!!). I have to say that it was rather like walking into an Aladdin's Cave of furniture and wee quirky things. They had tons of stuff that I liked but nothing that I really fell in love with and I want to get something that I love - in saying that, we did buy this picture. Well, it's not really a's a Thai Amulet mounted on glass and set in a bamboo frame and we both thought it was stunning. (When we got it home Moon told us that it is supposed to bring good luck - let's hope it works!!). After visiting there we went and had a look round another shop which we have bought a few wee things from called 100 Children. They had a couple of really nice things but they were antique and so over budget (I have expensive taste....sigh!!) but we had (Or maybe that should be I had) a lovely afternoon browsing.

We went back to the apartment and relaxed for an hour or so before Marissa and Moon joined us for birthday cake....I didn't even know that I was getting a birthday cake and had to laugh when Chris appeared with it. Do you like my birthday candles? Moon gave me her present.....I think it is so sweet that she gets me a present.....they are always a bit random......but I love them because they are from her!! This year it was a miniature teapot, cup and saucer set. Marissa bought me a carrot keyboard cushion (She's getting me back for the mobile phone holder I bought her for Christmas) and a beautiful box of smelly stuff (Bath oils, body scrub etc....just thought I should clarify). Then we went to the Saxophone Bar and spent the evening listening to a very good live blues band (and laughing at a very camp man in the worst cardigan I have ever seen....but I wont go into that!!)


Thank you to everyone who sent me cards, e-mails, e-cards, text messages and that left messages here and on my facebook.....they made my day really special :-)


Caroline said...

Sounds like a perfect day.


DJ Kirkby said...

Your birthday sounds wonderful and your cake! OMG! Such a beautiful birthday cake!

Carol and Chris said...

Caroline - It was a fab day :-)

DJ - The cake was look at!!! It basically tasted of plastic!!

C x

Lane said...

What a beautiful necklace! And the amulet is gorgeous. Glad you had a lovely day!

Fusion said...

That bracelet and necklace are gorgeous...

Carol and Chris said...

Lane - I wore it with a bottle green top I have and it looked absolutely stunning!!

We're both rather chuffed with out amulet I have to say!!

Fusion - Welcome and thanks :-). I fell in love with them when I saw them so pointed hubby in the right direction!!

C x

Debs said...

What beautiful presents/amulet/cake. I'm not surprised you had a wonderful day.


Carol and Chris said...

Debs - I had a really good time :-) and my friend came over yesterday with a book of Yann Arthus-Bertrand photographs for me. I have been stroking it lovingly every since (I think perhaps I need to get out more!!)

C x