Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Fun and Games

Well, Thailand hit the worlds headlines again last night when over 30,000 protesters took to the streets of Bangkok, invaded a state-run TV station and took over Government House demanding that the current Government of Thailand step down. The protest was organised by the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) who say that the current Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej is a proxy for ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra who was outsted in the 2006 coup.

We knew when and where the demonstrations were happening so avoided that area yesterday (Bangkok is a big place so that wasn't so hard to do) but I was unprepared for the phone call from Chris announcing that there was to be a 6pm curfew in the city and that he had been told to pack up his stuff and go home - Samak had given the protesters a deadline of 6pm to disperse or he was going to send the riot police in. To be honest we were worried that there was going to be violent clashes and another coup but thankfully that's not happened - the riot police did go into the building and there were a few scuffles but no-one was seriously hurt. It appears that there is some kind of Mexican stand off at the moment....the demonstrators are still inside Government house and the police are still outside!! I'll keep you updated when we know more but in the mean goes on as normal....Chris is at work today and I attended my first Operation Smile Meeting as a Board Member.


Amy said...

What crazy times in Bangkok. As you say, at least the city is large enough for safe havens, but just the same, please be careful!

DJ Kirkby said...

Oooh scary...take extra special care of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Have seen bits and pieces over here on TV. More of a will they wont they on military force focus. Sadly (as a reflection on my character) I was slightly distracted in the clip on tv by the fact that some protestors had plastic hand shapes on sticks in bright colours - it meant you could applaud single handed- Even in times of strife and concern I admire the Thais! Jo

Debs said...

I do hope it all calms down again soon for you all.


Pat Posner said...

Scary and crazy
Just you take care

Carol and Chris said...

Amy - It's still going on!! The government have closed a couple of airports so there are people stranded all over Thailand. I just hope that the situation resolves itself and soon....foreign investors are already nervous....this is not doing Thailand any favours!!

DJ - We were here when there was the coup two years's surprising how calm you become about these things.

Jo - LOL. I giggled when I saw those too!!

We're still in the Mexican stand off with Samak saying he won't resign...he tried to send in the military over the weekend and they refused....god only knows what will happen but I'm pretty certain it will end without violence.

Debs - So do I!! We live on the other side of town from the Government buildings so life is just going on as normal. I'll be happier once it's all over saying that, Samak has a tendency to say odd things and we had a giggle this morning....he asked who in his cabinet would be willing to show their true colours and stand up in parliament naked!!!

Pat - Yes it is but hopefully it will all be over soon. (And no-one stands up naked in parliament!!)

C x

Lane said...

There's never a dull moment in Bangkok is there!

Take care x

Tam said...

Eeek! Look after yourselves out there!

Carol and Chris said...

Lane - You know....I think I would settle for dull...there is a lot to be said for dull!!

Tam - We're glued to the news every night waiting to see what's going to happen!!

C x

Anonymous said...

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