Tuesday, 2 September 2008

All Excited (and politial update)

Political Update - A State of Emergency has been declared after violent clashes last night between Government and PAD supporters. I just wanted to let you all know that we are both fine and that I will keep you updated.
I wrote this post yesterday but couldn't get online to publish it

I'm all excited....I bought a cabinet on Saturday with the money I got for my Commission....and it's lovely....and it arrived today (am having to resist the urge to stroke it lovingly). I wanted something plain (The Thai's and Chinese quite often decorate things waaaaay past the point at which they should have stopped!!) so when I spotted this solid teak 80 year old Chinese cabinet (From southern China aparently) I fell in love with it!!! It has two small drawers inside which all my drawing stuff (Pencils, pens, paint brushes etc) will fit nicely into and a shelf in the middle which means I can also store all my paper and canvasses.

As you all know Lugs the splat has a reputation for being terrified of everything.....well, the cabinet was no exception...but he got over it when he spotted the chain.....so, here is a photo of the cabinet with added cat

must not rush out of room to stroke cabinet lovingly
must not rush out of room to stroke cabinet lovingly
must not.....


In other news.....it was two years ago today that Chris and I arrived in Bangkok....can you believe how quickly the time has passed!!!


JJ said...

Oooh, that's lovely C.

There's a little something over at mine for you. JJx

Carol and Chris said...

JJ - Ooohhh....what what what....am coming over!!!

C x

Amy said...

Congratulations on two years! Time certainly does fly.

Your cabinet is GORGEOUS!!!!! I agree with you about overly decorative adornments, but this one was perfect.

re: emergency -- Be careful! I hope the state of affairs settles down quickly. My husband is angry about all this is an understatement.

Lane said...

That is one handsome cabinet with very strokable qualities!

Take care there Carol. x

SueG said...

Lovely cabinet, and congrats on 2 years in Thailand. But do, please, take care! xo

Anonymous said...

OOh I could just eat that looks so Chocolatey
Glad All is well your end

Carol and Chris said...

Amy - I can't believe it's been two years...seems like just yesterday!!

I love my cabinet too...am very very pleased with it!!

It's such a shame about the political situation...it's not doing Thailand any favours at all!!

Lane - I'm ashamed to admit it...but I have been stroking it when no-one is looking!! I think I might need to go and get help!!

Sue - Nice to have you back hon!! We're quite a distance away from Government House and have no plans to go and have a look!!!

Tomato - I bet that the first thing you do when you see it in the flesh is stroke it!!

C x

Anonymous said...

I Know how you feel, we had an old teak Dining Table delivered today and I keep walking into the dining room to stroke it. Would love to say it's an antique but this is India so could have been made last week but looks and feels old. Will send a photo soon.
Susan Mc

Anonymous said...

P.s. It's one year next week since we arrived in India, only 2 years to go!!!!! Gotta keep up the "escapes" back to Bangkok.

Susan Mc

Carol and Chris said...

Hey Susan Mc....welcome....you finally decided to de-lurk then!!

Your table sounds fab....I am bad enough with my cabinet....but a whole table...I don't think I would be able to resist!!

I can't believe you've been in India a year already!! That's incredible!! It seems like just yesterday that you left Bangkok (well, it does to me...probably not for you!!)

Look forward to seeing you again soon

C x