Monday, 29 September 2008

The Eagle has landed...

It may have taken us a while but we got here in the end!! (I had forgotten just how long the journey is!!). We had two great flights.....the first one left Bangkok at 1am so both Chris and I pretty much flaked out as soon as we sat down (it had nothing to do with the three large glasses of wine we had had before getting on the plane....nothing at all!!). I was aware of phlegm man behind me.....the noises he was making penetrated through to the subconsious (honestly, you would think he would have gone to the bathroom to do that!!) but I still managed to sleep and woke up about 20 minutes before we landed in Dubai. On the second flight we had a heart stopping moment as a woman sat next to me with a 12 week old baby.....but you know what.....the baby was quite as a mouse for the entire 7 hour flight and only grizzled once for about five minutes as we landed!!
Since being home we have:

* been shopping. I now have a lovely new pair of boots (I love boots!!!), two tops (Brown and shocking pink) and a gorgous pair of orange gloves.
* had a hair cut. Well, I've had a hair's rather short (It did need saving!!) and I have a's going to take some getting used to!!
* have celebrated Chistmas. Chris's Mum and Aunt came over to my Mum's. We swapped presents (We were given some fab things.....I think Chris's fav was a remote controlled beer he doesn't even need to get up and go to the fridge!!!) and then we had the works.....turkey, stuffing, sprouts....and THE the most divine desert ever.....chocolate mouse with chilli through it served with lime and basil cream (OMG it was amazing.....I plan to pinch the recipe!!)
* had New Year. My Gran came over with my Aunt and Uncle and we toasted the new year.
* and met up with Brenda for Sunday lunch (She was like my 2nd Mum when I was growing up and is refered to as my 'Udder Mudder'.....she used to own a farm and the name kinda stuck).

It has been so lovely seeing everyone....
We leave today for the next leg of our journey so I'm not sure when I'll be blogging again but for those of you that we're going to meet up with...See you soon :-)


Anonymous said...

What a great trip. I am glad you arrived simply. I never would have thought of celebrating New Year in September. Still, that puts an end to those pesky first footers that come in and drink your whisky at 2am lol.

Enjoy your visit.


Amy said...

You'll have to post a pic of your new hairdo! Glad your trip is so far so good. I bet you and Chris are enjoying the crisp autumn weather in the UK right now. I hear Bangkok is miserable with the heat and rain. And enjoy all those foods you miss!

Debs said...

It sounds like you're both having a wonderfully busy and fun time.

Love the orange gloves too and I'm sure you'll get used to your new hairdo in no time at all. dx

Caroline said...

So glad that you arrived safely.

And I will see you soon!!!!!! I am so excited :) x

Lane said...

lol at Udder Mudder!

Hope you've not found the weather to much of a shock but with all your celebrations, you probably haven't noticed!

Love the gloves and need to see a photo of fringed Carol:-)

DJ Kirkby said...

Glad you got here safely, have a wonderful holiday! Are you going to share a pic of your hair with us?

Lily Sheehan said...

I'm so jealous. I love Christmas. Not so keen on new year tho :S

Carol and Chris said...

Hulla - You are obviously much much nicer thatn Chris and I.....we give our first footers crap whisky....

Amy - I'm still trying to get used to the new's very short!!!

Ooohhhh being cool is lovely (Aherm, I'm not sure how long I will think that but at the moment.....)

Debs - We are having a great time...tiring but great. It is sooo nice seeing everyone!!

Starting to get used to the hair...although keep misjudging just how much shampoo i need :-)

Caroline - OMG I had such a lovely day yesterday....It was brilliant to meet you and I couldn't believe the time passes so quickly!!!

Lane - My 'Udder Mudder' is would love her!!

Photo of hair will be coming so be prepared for the short 'been dragged through a hedge backwards look' :-)

DJ - I promise I will :-)

Lily - New Year in Scotland is a really big deal and tends to involve lots of drinking dancing and also usually lasts for about three days!!! You should come to Scotland....I'm sure we could change your mind :-)

C x