Monday, 15 September 2008

Caroline's Wonderful Widget

If you have come here via Caroline's Wonderful Black Box widget then do say Hi and let me know what choices you made to get here (If you can remember)

Right, I'm off to see what other blogs I can find....


DJ Kirkby said...

I brought myself here but the widget has brought me to you countless tiems too :) I can't remember all the choices but they undoubtedly involved, smiling, laughing, wine, sex, cheese or chocolate, reading, lingerie etc.

Caroline said...

I brought myself too.
But the widget has brought me here before :)


Lehners in France said...

Yoh! I arrived by meself to but went to visit monkeys on the roof. What a cool widget, how do you get one? Debs x

Lily Sheehan said...

It hasnt brought me here yet but you're in my list :)

HelenMH said...

X Factor was one of my choices!

Lane said...

I'm here because I like being here:-)

Misssy M said...

yup- pinged here by black box. I chose "gossip girl" over "confidante (which were choices I'd earlier typed in! Woo, what a rush!) and Sense and Sensibility over Pride and prejudice.

Immediately I am envious of you living in Thailand. And I have to fess up- if there's a piece of that royal Palace missing...then it's my son's fault. Apologies to Thailand:

Laura said...

It is addicting. I remember something about Elvis, creamy or chunky. The rest is fading away.

willow said...'s TOO addictive! Thanks for stopping by my place and for your nice comment! :^)

Carol and Chris said...

DJ - I know...I keep being brought to you too. Great minds obviously think alike :-)

Caroline - Yay!! I absolutely adore this widget....but I am going to have to wean myself off it....I have books to read and commissions to finish!!

Debs - The widget is fab and I highly recommend putting one on your blog (although I think it should come with a health warning!!). I don't know how to do small links in here but if you click on In Search Of Adam under my 'and I read these' section it will take you to Caroline's blog and you can get your own Black Box Widget :-)

Lily - I've just added you to my blog list :-)

HelenM - Welcome :-). I've just been taken to your blog via the little black box. Isn't it fun!!

Lane - Awwwww...thanks hon!!

MissyM - Aaaarrrrgggg.....I couldn't get the link to work!! I'm now dying to know what he did!!!

Laura - Your doing better than me!! I was asked that question by someone else and was horrified to discover that I had absolutely no idea!!

Willow - Your very welcome. I shall be popping in again soon to see how you are getting on :-)

C x

Virtual Voyage said...

Hi - here via blackbox; put the choices in at random to see where I landed!!

Remiman said...

The black box transported me but I was too busy staring at the sky and not watching earth's path to remember the other choices.

Lena said...

umm... i only can remember tea over coffee and choice A over choice B :D

Carol and Chris said...

Virtual - I started doing that too...I kept landing on my friends blogs!!

Remimam - LOL. I'll need to remember that next time I'm asked what choices I made!!

Lena - I too chose tea over coffee and A over B....which I think took me over to you :-)

C x