Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Never a dull moment....

I'll start with the politics - A judge ruled today that Mr Samak and his entire cabinet have to step down because they are in violation of the constitution - The judge stated that 'his position as prime minister has ended'. So that's that then....except it's not....It's never that simple!! The ruling won't come into force for another 30 days and even then Mr Samak has not been banned from standing again for PM and the ruling party, that he is head of, have vowed to re-appoint him. It's never ending!!! Mr Samak has been found guilty of this violation because he received money from a private company to host a cooking show. (He hosted it for seven years before becoming PM and for two months after although he says that he only got expenses for the two months)

In other news - we spent Friday night in a hotel at the top of our Soi.....No, we had not planned a lovely romantic evening.....we just couldn't stay in our apartment!!! Let me explain....Chris really wasn't well on Friday (God only knows what he had eaten....all I can say is that I'm glad I hadn't had any of it!!) so had had to take the day off work. We were having friends over for dinner on Saturday night and I had just finished making soup when the power went off (this was at 4.30pm). Some pillock had cut through a wire which then left the entire Soi without power (Why they had decided to play with electricity cables in the middle of a thunder storm is beyond me but hey....) If Chris had been feeling ok then we would have just laughed about it and gone to the pub or out for dinner but there was no way he would have managed either!! The longer we waited the hotter it got (no air con, no fan) and the hotter it got the worse he felt and the grumpier I got (I'm not the worlds most sympathetic person when I'm overheating).....by 9.30pm we had both had enough!! We got some overnight stuff together and went to a hotel called S15 that is across the road at the top of our soi. Stepping into that air con reception was just divine....and we actually ended up in a junior suit (We've been hearing reports of people cancelling holidays here because of the political situation so we were given a special rate at the hotel).....it was just a shame that we couldn't really enjoy it!!

Thankfully the power was back on when we got home on Saturday or I would have had to phone our friends to say 'Dinner is on but I'm going to have to cook it in your house!!'


Lane said...

Poor Chris! Hope he's completely over it now. Mind you, if you have to be ill, that hotel room looks a nice, neat and cool room to be poorly in.

I hope you cooked him something yum when you got back:-)

Carol and Chris said...

He's fine now Lane :-). Thankfully it only lasted 24 hours!!

The hotel room was lovely but, to be honest, I think anywhere that was cool would have been lovely!!!

I made tomato and basil soup with home-made beer, rosemary and sun-dried tomato bread followed by beef and stout stew with potatoes and asparagus followed by pecan chocolate caramel tart which was then washed down with port and some very smelly cheese. It all turned out rather well if I do say so myself!! (but guess what I spent ALL day doing on Saturday!!)

C x

JJ said...

Maybe you could host 'Cooking Grumble' in place of Mr S?

Carol and Chris said...

JJ - LOL!! Inspired comment!!

*Goes off chortling*

C x

Anonymous said...

Only in Thailand
Glad Chris better and you not grumpy
Love Tomato

Carol and Chris said...

Me too T, me too :-)

C x