Saturday, 23 December 2006

Moon's Christmas

We weren’t sure when we were going to see Moon since she normally has weekends off and we had given her Christmas Day and Boxing Day as well (we're going away so there is no point in her hanging around) so we decided that we would have a mini Christmas Day for her on Friday.

Since she doesn't get to see her daughter very often I bought two silver necklaces and a pair of shoe pendants - Her daughters name is Fa which in Thai means blue (Fa likes pink.....I bet if she had been called pink she would have liked blue) Anyway, the pendants are blue with pink flowers (The best of both worlds - I thought Moon could wear one and Fa could wear the other). I also bought her a shirt top for everyday wear and a beautiful turquoise blue top for going out (I had pinched one of her shirts off the washing line so I could get the right size - I'm sure she thinks I’m mad) and I had been doing a drawing for Chris as part of his Christmas present (Still struggling with the concept that really it's Chris that buys his own present so I thought I would make something for him) and she really liked it so I did something for her too. I got her to write all their names in Thai for me and I drew a pregnant Thai woman with a little girl cuddling her stomach (I can't draw boys so Dawan is the bump) and wrote their names on it then had it framed. You should have seen her face - she was thrilled with the pendant (We explained that we had one for Fa as well), dashed into the bathroom to try on her tops and gave us a bit of a fashion show and was so pleased with the picture that I got three 'Oh Madame I like's (When Thai's want to emphasize something it is always said three times - you are never hot - you are hot hot hot etc)

We then took her out to dinner at Admakers. She had never been before but I think it was a good choice as she felt completely comfortable (Due to the good mix of Thai's and Farang's). We had a brilliant night - we ordered a few dishes (We chose two each) and put them in the middle of the table and each tried a bit of everything. Chris was teasing her about eyeing up the waiter which was hilarious - she kept saying 'No Khun Chris you no understand me' whilst giggling away and reaching across the table and nipping him. The band were playing Beatles songs and she was bopping away on her chair telling us that she didn't understand a word but that she liked it anyway. We did get her 'Maw Maw' again which I felt slightly guilty about till Chris pointed out that she is a grown woman with two children who is capable of saying no - felt better after that.

She came in on Saturday and announced that she was 'Hang Hang Hang' (See what I mean about saying things three times for emphasis) and that she had already spoken to both her sisters to tell them about the evening and the picture Madame had drawn for her.

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