Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Tales from the office

As always Chris's 'Tales from the office' shock and delight me.

It's Nap Time!! -
I would like to set the scene for this one.....Imagine for a moment that you are looking at a conference room - in that room you see six people (aka the clients) and they have invited very senior representatives from a large organisation to their office for a meeting (Chris was one of the representatives). During the meeting one of the six said 'I will pass you over to my colleague as this is her area of expertise' at which point everyone turns and looks at said expert who is.....wait for it......asleep!!! She fell asleep in the middle of the meeting!!! She then came to, didn't even apologise for being asleep, and started talking about something completely different. How is that for professionalism!!

There's a what in the office?
Chris had popped out for some lunch and when he got back to the office and pushed open the door it was wet (That is weird he thought). Then as he stepped into the office he saw some of his colleagues on their knees....was there a mad gunman taking over the office? No......a Monk had been invited to bless the office (as you do) and was wondering around waving a wet Orchid.

It's Nap Time No.2!!
In the lunch is completely acceptable for the Thai's to pull out their pillows, (From where we are not sure) put them on their desks and have a little nap. Chris went out to get lunch and walked past an entire department fast asleep. (Honestly the Thai's can sleep anywhere.....on the street, waiting for a bus, mopping a floor..... Yes, we have actually seen this)

You are going to love this - part of the official yearly appraisal is a section on how you conduct yourself at meetings. Here you are graded on your appearance (makes sense), manner (I can see that) and whether you brought your own snacks to the meeting (Eh??). Thai's love to eat and they eat all the time (How the hell are they so thin) actually I would go as far as to say they graze. So part of their official appraisal is whether they have been so uncouth as to produce snacks during a long meeting (Ahhh.....all makes sense a strange kind of way)

I hear a strange sound?? (No it's not the voices)
As Chris was leaving the office he heard a noise....what the hell is that?? He listened sounded can't be......French pop music? (Having only just recovered from the shock of hearing my Dad singing French pop music he knew the sound had haunted him since that fateful day....). Well, it sounded like French pop music because that's what it was.....having followed the sound he found a gaggle (that is really the only word you can use to describe a group of Thai women) learning dance routines (Think line dancing) at the lifts. They were practicing for the Christmas Party!!

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peter_may said...

The shock of hearing such wonderful singing, clearly.