Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Our world tour of the UK - The Ardrossan and Dundee Leg

We are having a fantastic time - we spent a day relaxing with Sadie then went to see Jimmy, Leslie and their kids (Jimmy was our best man). I have to say that neither of us could believe how much the kids have grown!!. It was lovely seeing them and Jimmy made me roar with laughter when he said 'So, your not working over there in Thailand......what do you do all day?'.

The following day we drove to Glasgow, picked up Chris's Aunt Margaret and then drove up to Dundee. It was Jo's birthday (Chris's sister) so the whole family got together to celebrate and give her her birthday pressy (we all clubbed together and bought her an original painting)- we toasted her birthday with champagne then had some of her Doctor Who birthday cake (what can I runs in the family!!) and then went out for a curry. (Jo and I made a pact - I promised I would put no drunken photo's on the blog of her on her birthday but that whilst she's here visiting she has no say on what photo's I post.......she arrives a couple of weeks after we get back.....mmmwwaahhahahahah (Hmmm....I think my evil laugh is improving!!)). The following day we met Tracey and Derek who are going to be coming to Bangkok with Jo (We thought they were lovely....they are now probably wondering how they can cancel their tickets and can get their money back!!) and then had a lovely meal with Dot and Steve (Chris's Aunt and Uncle) at their house.

Then it was back to Ardrossan (this is where Chris grew up) via Lunkarty to see Ellen. We took some photo's on the way home just outside Ardrossan.....would you look at those views!!! (Maybe I should have written move over Scottish Tourist Board!!). The following day we went into Ayr (which I found very weird as it's my old stomping ground and I'd not been back in ages) and did some shopping (one of Chris's sister Margaret's friends runs a shop there which sells the most gorgeous handbags.....I wasn't allowed to buy one) so we had a nosy round then went over to Irvine to see an old family friend of Chris's who, funnily enough, is also called Margaret (there are waaay to many and I always get confused as to which one Sadie is referring to when she's on the phone - Sadie will say 'Margaret' and I'll say 'Which one?' to which she'll reply 'Sister Margaret' and I'll say 'Is that your sister Margaret or Chris's sister Margaret?'.......we go through this every time!!). Then we met up with my Mum and Gran and had a farewell dinner at Balbirs (which does the most divine Indian Banquet.....their tandoori salmon is to die for!!). The following day we were up bright and early to pick up our hire car and make our way to Manchester.


Anonymous said...

I've just realised that our family photo at Balbir's has all of us arranged in order of height! It's a lovely photo, though.

Love Katwoman

Carol and Chris said...

I know - that was more accident than design but it did make me laugh when I saw it!!

C x