Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Almost back to normal (Well, normal for me that is!!)

Things are going well - Chris is has been out and about meeting with other clients (He's still dealing with 'Client from Hell' but they have improved dramatically and the work is not so intensive!!) so he has been a lot happier since we got back and I am now getting back into the swing of things.

I met up with Susie on Monday morning and had a very productive meeting regarding the NMB (National Museum Bangkok) tours for the blind. We're going to be focussing on tours for tourists (there is another working group looking at tours for blind Thai students) so we are going to meet up at the beginning of September (Lots of people are away for the summer) to do a walk through of the museum to see what we can already use (There are some beautiful sculptures outside the building that can be incorporated) and we can then focus on what is missing. Our first aim is to do something around 'An introduction to Thai Culture' and we are hoping to launch the tours in November. I also found out that one of my photographs (It's one of the ones I took of the roof at the Erawan Museum) is going to be used in a coffee table book commemorating the King's 80th birthday which is being put together by the NMV - I am cuffed to bit's!! (Although it is rather difficult to take a bad photograph of the roof since it is so stunning but I'm not going to focus on that!!)

On Tuesday I went along to the BWG newcomers coffee morning - I've not been to one since I arrived and was feeling slightly guilty about it!! It was a good move.....I got three new volunteers - one is a nurse and she's going to look into doing some work with Aids patients and the other two are going to go twice a week into the offices of a local charity to answer their e-mails. (The Charity get lots of e-mails in English and whilst their spoken English is great their written English is not fantastic). Jo mentioned that she would like to see some of the work that is being done here so I have arranged to take the two ladies and Jo to The Fatima Centre where they will get a tour of the facilities (Sister Louise is going to take them round - she is the one who actually set up the project when she arrived here in the early 60's and is fascinating to talk to). Then I hotfooted it back to the apartment where we had our Welfare Team meeting. We've done a lot so far - books have been bought and distributed to schools in one of the slums, shoes have been bought for children at a local school, a computer and a snooker table have been donated to an orphanage, microscopes have been bought and given to schools at the Burmese border, two children have been sponsored for a year and we have bought medicine and supplies for a hospital. Phew!!!

Today I went along to the Fashion Show meeting - Erm....did I mention that my friend Jenny and I are doing all the graphics for a fashion show that will be held on the 19th of January? I came up with the image (What do you think? Jen calls it my slut shoe) and together we are doing the tickets, programme (which is going to be tricky because we are going to have a lot of sponsors at different levels so we are going to have to make sure we get it right!!) and the set design - it should be a great night. The plans - a band will play whilst everyone has a few drinks and some nibbles, then there will be a three course sit down meal, the actual fashion show followed by dancing and all the proceeds will be going to Charity.

Why was I ever worried that I was going to be bored?

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Anonymous said...

We are so proud of your (and Susie's) achievements regarding the introduction of tours for the visually impaired at the museum.

And having one of your photos of the roof at the Erawan Museum included in a publication to commemorate the King's 80th Birthday as well - icing on the cake. Well done!
Mum xxx