Monday, 25 June 2007

Who's bloody idea was it to get cats???

There has been a war going on in our apartment over the last few days - I think Gai and Lugs have now decided to call a truce - They are no longer hissing, spitting and fighting with each other but......Gai has taught lugs to bite and lugs has taught Gai how to launch himself into mid air and then attach himself to my legs (You can play join the scratches on my legs!!......they are a pair of wee buggers!!

Oh, and Lugs miaows........all the time......he miaows when he eats, he miaows when your playing with him, he miaows when he's standing in the middle of the room, he even miaows in his bloody sleep and, if you ignore him, he climbs onto your shoulder and miaows in your ear - at this rate he is going to become a kebab!! (Actually he's no-where near as bad as he was but I still know exactly where he is.......miaow miaow miaow)

THEN he managed to disable my internet access after taking a flying leap onto my lap and then onto my laptop!! (and just in case your wondering......Bangkok cats genetically have no tail...well, they do but it's just a wee curly stump!!) When I tried to check my e-mails the laptop wouldn't acknowledge our wireless connection (actually it wouldn't acknowledge any of the wireless connections in the entire building!!)......the screen, very helpfully, suggested that I check to see if the wireless switch was on (There's a wireless switch!!!) but didn't tell me where the bloody thing was so I spent the next day and a half trying to work out how to switch the bloody thing back on!! (I even had the computer upside down looking for the switch (honestly......if there are any computer programmers out there......either give all the information or no half just drives people daft am I am IT literate!!) - You can tell this is still a slightly sore point can't you!!). Anyway, I managed to switch it back on again - and was ridiculously pleased with myself!!

If you ever have this problem press the function key (Which is at the bottom of your keyboard on the left hand side next to your Ctrl key) along with F2 (top left - 3rd key in)


peter_may said...

Get a Mac!

Carol and Chris said...

Somehow I just knew you were going to say that!!

C x