Thursday, 7 June 2007

Our world tour of the UK - The Glasgow leg

Well, it's been an action packed few days.......and it's not about to get any quieter!! On Tuesday we headed over to my Gran's house to spend some time with her. This is me and my Gran and this is me freezing my butt off in her Garden!! We then headed into the west end (Which is the trendy, and student filled, area of Glasgow)......I have to say this (I can resist everything but temptation!!)......we got a came to the house to pick us up and the driver never once said that he didn't want to take us nor did he try and drop us on the wrong side of the road near a bridge!! was a pure pleasure apart from the price OMG it's expensive (Ha, I'm down with the youngsters of today OMG is text speak for Oh My God!!) so we then went on a little pub crawl down Ashton Lane starting in the The Ubiquitous Chip and ending at Brel before heading into the city centre and meeting up with our friend Scott. A very drunken evening.....jet lag and alcohol are not a good combination!!

But no rest for the wicked.....the next day we met up with my cousin Colin who had travelled up from Birmingham to see us. We met for lunch at Di Maggios (A very yummy Italian restaurant) and then sat out in my Mum's back garden drinking you can see it was a beautiful sunny day (Chris actually took a photograph of the blue sky!!) and for a dinner I made Tom Yum Gai (This is a famous Thai hot and sour spicy soup. The basic broth is made with lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, shallots, lime juice, fish sauce, tamarind and crushed chillies and then you add either Chicken, Gai, or prawns, Goong, mushrooms and then corriander). I was pleased with it but it wasn't as good as Moon's!!

The following day saw us start the Ardrossan leg of our tour....via Dalrymple to visit Brenda (we joke that she is my udder mother....they used to have a farm which is where the udder comes from) and Ronnie (he always calls me 'wee yin' so he's known as 'big yin'.....roughly translated as small one and big one)

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