Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Then onto London......

Where we met up and stayed overnight with Tom who is now the proud owner of an apartment in London and two cats!! (No, he's not that bright because yes, he's still allergic to cats!!). He showed us round his new apartment which is lovely - he's had the kitchen done (which looks great) and the living room and is taking his time with the rest of the place but it's looking fab!! This is Tom and I out in his garden (I love this photo - not sure if it very flattering to either of us but I love it anyway!!). Tom showed us round Croyden and we went along to his local for a few drinks (Sat out in the beer garden in the sunshine and fresh air) and then had dinner. It was fantastic - not your usual pub grub at all (I had venison with big chunky chips and a pepper sauce....I can't remember the last time I had venison!! The photo on the left is Tom trying to persuade Chris to give him some of his Cheese and Biscuits....it didn't work!!) then we went back to Tom's, drank copious amounts of red wine and listened to music till the wee small hours. The following day we went into Central Croydon and bought sausages, burgers, minted lamb sticks, humous and pitta bread and then went back to Tom's and christened his barbecue (we bought waaay to much food as is our want so we left him with a fridge full!!). He came with us to the airport to see us off.....we were both really sad to be leaving but he assured us that he would be coming to visit us in January (which made me feel slightly better but didn't stop me crying when we left!!)

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