Monday, 16 July 2007

Bangkok Weekend

We had talked about going up to Chaing Mai this weekend but couldn't really ask Georgie and Ben to look after the cats two weekends in a row so we decided to spend the weekend in Bangkok. So on Saturday, after a ridiculously long breakfast/lunch at Crepes and Co, we headed over to Khao San Road which is the backpacker area of Bangkok. We had such a giggle - we sat at The Buddy Restaurant and Bar and people watched......the sights you see!!! (We didn't manage to get a photo of the punks or the man with feathers in his ears but did manage to capture this little beauty!!). Then I nearly fell off my chair laughing......there was a noise that sounded a bit like an ambulance siren and suddenly about 10 Thais pushing various food carts ran past us which was funny enough in itself but then Derek commented 'I wonder if that's the traffic police' and sure enough about two minutes later a van marked Traffic Police drove past!! (the vendors came back about five minutes later but we all agreed that it was very nice of the police to give them some advance warning!!). After that we went and had some dinner then went to the Hippie Bar - it was a good night!!

On Sunday we were up and about reasonably early so headed over to Chatuchak so that Jo, Tracey and Derek could get whatever last minute things they wanted to get. I do love that truly has everything you could ever want and every time we go I wish I had unlimited means!! We grabbed some lunch and then Derek and Chris went to the pub and Jo, Tracey and I went to Khun Dao's for a fitting. That evening, in our new togs, we headed out to Mambo to see the Lady Boy show......IT'S NOT FAIR!!! God those guys are gorgeous!! (ok, not all of them as you will see from the photo of Derek but most of them!!) Chris and I had seen them before in Manchester with Tom but we had not been to the show here - It was fab!!! I don't know what was more entertaining....the show or the look on Derek's face!! We got some great pictures as you can see!!

We then went to the pub to recover!!!

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